The “Do It All Dad Year” Podcast Blog, documents my use of comedy to control my 3 children. And offers colorful takes on what it means to be an involved modern day father today. It also offers endless jokes on every topical subject involving the media, big tech, Hollywood and fake feminists at large.

More importantly, the Do It All Dad Year Podcast is a loving tribute to fatherhood. Which gives back ten times what you put in. Someone far deeper than me said, “charity starts at home.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Still, directing the totality of my love and attention and interest in my 3 kids emotional, spiritual and physical development. So they suffer less than me. And get used to leading and winning versus following and cowering sooner than later, is the most noble, empowering undertaking I’ve been blessed with taking on with all my heart and fighting might.

Michael Kornbluth

Do It All Dad Year Podcast Host

“Dad friendly entertainment for you and me.”

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