Michael Kornbluth is a featured author on The Good Men Project and a guest blogger for the Times Of Israel. He was the Head Writer of America’s Hard 100 on Vh1 Classic and Music Independence Day on VH1. His 30 Rock spec script, The Kings Of Comedy, made him a Recommended Writer on TV Writer.com.  His books racking up more all-star reviews on Amazon and beyond include Controlling My Kids With Comedy, A Love Story, Do It All Dad Does Jokes, Resist This and The Great American Jew Novel. Now, he’s working on his 1st collection of flash fiction short stories, Waste Of Height and The Koshertarian Diet, which is about a Do It All Dad’s quest to get his 3 kids excited about giving The Koshertarian Diet a chance. John Lennon wishes he was this productive during his Stay-At-Home Dad years. Last, Michael broke up with his 1st love the New York Knicks, more than a year ago, and doesn’t think he’ll ever get over it.




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Perverted Science

“Does Hollywood’s push to sexualize kids with Instagram friendly labels such as Trans Centric or Gender Fluid Fickle, feel very organic or dare I say, “child appropriate”, says Joe, a 17-year-old Independent identifying debate stud for Richard Pryor High, a new charter school in Peoria, Illinois. Unfortunately for his alpha dog debate team peers, including … Continue reading Perverted Science

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