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Michael Kornbluth is the author of a parenting memoir Controlling My Kids With Comedy, A Love Story, Do It All Dad Does Jokes, a spiritually powered, midlife crisis reinvention tale, The Great American Jew Novel and a pre-election comedy special Resist This. The Good Men Project made him a featured author, publishing 24 of his blogs about serving lady laugh and being an involved, stay at home dad and father of 3 in his quest to get paid as the star author voice behind the remote work revolution while hosting the Do It All Dad Year Podcast, which secures his good guy, non-divisive status but not really.

Michael Kornbluth has also played the role of Hair Metal Comedian Historian, when he was hired to write all the TV host script reads for America’s Hard 100, a music video countdown special, voted on by 1.5 million fans on VH1 Classic, hosted by WWE great Chris Jericho. Fire and Knives, voted best new food magazine in England, published his short food fiction pieces such as My Very Last Meal, I Don’t Drink German Rieslings and Anthony Bourdain Rips My Frozen Lunch Apart. His 30 Rock script, the Kings of Comedy, placed 3rd in the THE SPEC SCRIPTACULAR, which made him a Recommended Writer on TV

The Do It All Dad Year Podcast, what Gen X Dads understand, has generated more than 11,000 downloads and his Do It All Dad Year Blog has produced more than 15,000 pages views since his lucky number 3, Samuel Chosen Curls, Was Bound To Woo, was born. Controlling our kids with comedy, can make our kids great again, Do It All Dad’s 3 fuss free kids, 98.7 percentage of the time, are living proof of it. John Lennon wishes he was this productive during his stay at home dad years.

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