Michael Kornbluth is a featured author on The Good Men Project, Do It All Dad Year Podcast Host and guest blogger for the Times of Israel. He was the Head Writer of America’s Hard 100 on Vh1 Classic and Music Independence Day on VH1. His 30 Rock script made him a Recommended Writer on TV Writer.com. He’s also the proud author of The Great American Jew Novel, which is midlife crisis reinvention tale about a 10-year-old daughter who becomes her unemployed dad’s self-appointed Talent Agent to help save his marriage and make his Do It All Dad Year come true. Diane Sullivan from The Midwest Book Review says, “The Great American Jew Novel exceeds in a hilarious New York exploration of world of comedy and Jewish culture.”

Michael Kornbluth has published 58 comedy records on Spotify, I-Tunes and Amazon Music including Bronx Boy’s Blues, Not Kosher Baby and Laugh Yanker Love. John Lennon wished he was this productive during his Stay-at-Home Dad years.

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