Why Kids Love Back

Because you let them turn your bed into a 24/7 open milk bar. Which cures any potential abandonment issue scars.

Because you show interest in their stories and don’t space out on them every two seconds like a super stoned Dory.

Because you come up with funny nicknames in their honor like Eight Foot 2, Rock Star Ready and Art Show USA. Which they never heard Dr. Seuss say.

Because you never bitch or moan about them taking away from your precious time. Unless my wife’s been working 4 days straight and I haven’t had time to get into a zone banging out free verse lines.

Because you play with them come rain or shine. Thinking to yourself, I can’t believe their real or mine.

Because you reward their good behavior with fancy treats whenever they’ve been fuss free and don’t wiggle once in their seats.

Because you draw deal boards which make their imaginations run wild like a wide eyed, dream on, I can do anything consumed child.

Because you make them feel like the most important center of your universe instead of the reverse.

Because when you say I love you it doesn’t feel manufactured hoarse like your forcing the issue to avoid a divorce.

Because you make an Open Sesame Humus Bagel Sandwich with muenster to give their lunch options for camp more zest. Knowing do it dad refuses to settle for second best.

Michael Kornbluth

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