Skin Cancer Announcement Aftermath

I hate this subject already.
Because it’s a tad self-obsessed, even for my taste.
Still, the comedic value from the consistently shitty reactions in my honor would be a shame to waste.
Mom pushes the issue after I say no. “Son, we’d like to be there for you during your skin cancer removal surgery. I ask. “Even in my Jewish Trump Supporter T-Shirt?”
Obviously, I didn’t drop this truth bomb because it’s a loaded nuke like calling the Robert Mueller Witch Hunt a fluke.
Or calling my dad a fake news hippie. For forcing the DJ at our wedding to turn down the Star-Spangled Banner 20 seconds in by Jimmy Hendrix in. Before the bomb dropping conjuring part.
Younger brother finally connects with me on the phone. He asks. How are you? in a self-obsessed, I’ve had a shitty day at work, I’d rather stew about tone. I reply. How am I? Reflecting on my 3 kid’s life without me? Younger brother replies. Screw your kids. What about me? Which is a self-centered yet sincere line worth repeating.
Then, my younger brother ruins whatever well-meaning feeling momentum he had in his favor with stating. “If something bad happened to mom and dad.” Obviously, I don’t want my parents to get any cancer scares either. Still, leave it to a mama’s boy/favorite son with zero kids to my 3 to lump my skin cancer announcement aftermath with made up fake news scares to strip the moment of any one on one, blood on blood brotherly love between us, my chest.
In attempt to give my younger brother a shot at loving me better. I ask him to read a recent blog post of mine because God forbid he’d want to see my writing talent shine.
In the end, I got. I’ll read while I’m taking a shit. The following day. I text. Talk about a long shit! 2 hours later I text. You’ve got shits. Or not enough fiber in your diet obviously.
Told 1 friend about my skin cancer removal surgery. He asked. Did it spread? Hope not or else I’d be closer to dead.
More than ever, I’m determined to love the ones I’m with. With more passion and loving desire than before. Laughter in our home from my kids and wife never bores.
My Skin Cancer announcement aftermath hasn’t been a total downer because it’s brought out my wife’s best nurturing side. Which makes her deep-rooted love for me, impossible to hide.

Michael Kornbluth

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