What’s DNA Dada?

What’s DNA Dada?

Remember Baba watching the World Cup? Spitting at the TV, yelling, murder them Germany, murder them. Well that spit sample would verify. What, Baba doesn’t care for Philip Roth novels, Dada? Duh!

What’s DNA Dada?

You know when you bump into your younger brother’s head by mistake? Yeah daddy. That’s your putzy DNA acting up from Dada’s side of the family again.

What’s DNA Dada?
Before you were born. My prayer request for God was to remove my knock kneed putzy DNA from your aura all together. God came through. Thank God. I call you Female Flash and Deltoids Dawn as an homage to God’s grace really.

What’s DNA Dada?
Should translate to a sure fire guilty verdict from a jury all over.

What’s DNA Dada?
The reason David Caruso’s agents never dropped him for good.

What’s DNA Dada?

You know how you came from daddy’s tree trunk?

What’s DNA Dada?

Remember when Brett the Hitman Hart spit at Vince Mcmahon after the screw job in Montreal? From that spit sample, scientists could determine whether Brett the Hitman Hart’s foaming disgust with Vince was real or not.

The End


Michael Kornbluth

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