Was Balzac Unemployed To?

Hey babe, do you know what Balzac said?

Why, was he an unemployed writer to?

Balzac says love is lost when your wife no longer appreciates your merits, especially after you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer at 42.

Boy was that line tempting to unleash.

But for the sake of my sacred seed in his baby seat, I gritted my teeth.

In less than 10 minutes, we’d drop mama off at work at the hospital for the night.

And 1  on 1 bonding time with my beautiful boy Samuel on the basketball court to ourselves in splendid isolation was the far divine powered favored sight.

To block out the disrespect and belittlement from a wife who’s supposed to be my best friend.

Will getting a whatever job away from my 3 kids is what’s really needed for me to make amends?

No, that’s right.  She needs the Black Range Rover for once believing in my dreams.

To make up for our hostile fueled marriage being torn apart at the seams.

By doubt, fear and regret. For falling in love with a true funny man at heart.

Which is the man she fell in love with from the start.

My voice is bound for glory. As a Do It All Dad Podcast Star.

Soon enough, you’ll be able to look up at me again in your shiny new dream car.


Michael Kornbluth






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