HR says Now You Need a Job?

Why do Stay-at-Home Dads struggle with getting job interviews? Most companies aren’t into hooking up with bearded ladies.

Why are you so eager to re-enter the workforce again? Cause this Stay-at-Home Dad can’t the fight the feeling of unwanted loser at the playground anymore.

Now you need a job, after a 2 year vacation from life. I’m too funny to sell life insurance. Nobody will take me seriously.

I hear testosterone levels are low for Stay-at-Home Dads. But we haven’t even discussed hard numbers yet.

Did you chose to be a Stay-at-Home Dad? Recruiters get less respect on the job, so I can’t complain.

Stay-at-Home Dads are lazy. Pay me to work harder then.

I question your planning skills. How so? Real men don’t play nanny or plan household chores on purpose ever.

I question your organization skills to. How so? You’re a Stay-at-Home Dad. Only monks become eunuchs on purpose.

You post edgy jokes on Facebook. I’m just consumed with desire to piss off my father.

So why are you worth meeting again? Sometimes, star power rubs off through osmosis.

I still question your commitment issues. 3 kids, a wife & a mortgage isn’t enough social proof for you.

The End


Michael Kornbluth

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