American Dad Is Educational

How else will my kids know how pathetic Seth Macfarlane was for propping up the Bush dynasty over you know who? When it’s all said and done.

How else will my daughter learn her need to develop stronger talking points than what Haley recycles from her Facebook feed to get ahead in life?
How else will my kids learn Jeff the Pot Head is a well-meaning, emotionally scarred dude. Who doesn’t boast the most involved American Dad from sea to shining to sea?
How else will eldest Son Arthur learn his James Spader looks combined with future Vince Vaughn height will require him to a have a personal lawyer with him at all times to insist all girlfriends sign pre-poundage consent forms 24/7?
How else will eldest daughter Matilda learn that if you don’t have a hot, loving, giving wife, you won’t want to become an American Dad in the 1st place?
How else will my kids learn to make every Father’s Day count or else run the risk of getting their minds erased from the CIA for endless do overs till they get it right like in Groundhog’s Day?

How else will my kids learn what so called weapons of mass destruction were before the community organizer beat an empty fake news Mormon suit? In addition to a POW & Tina Fey’s hotter sister without breaking a sweat.
American Dad does educate. It teaches the kids the importance of taking pride in our flag, vets and country before fake news fro Kaepernick became propped up as a fake news activist Ali.
Of course American Dad educates. How else will my baby Samuel learn Daddy noshing on his feet or giving him a harmonica rib isn’t a far cry from when Francine was all over Steve after a CIA shrinking drug made him a baby again?
American Dad also teaches my kids how certain snotty, belchtastic 80’s comedy stars can parlay their nerd personas into even more steady lucrative voice over work. Just when you thought their careers were dead and done.


Michael Kornbluth

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