Grandpa’s Heart Not Into Doing More

Grandpa’s heart not into making your life easier. Thanks for coming down to Delaware with the kids. Baba’s good for getting the kids fancy Ted Baker pajamas on holiday in England but after that we’re spent.

Grandpa telling you to make other life uprooting plans without his assistance. Growing up, you lived thousands of miles away from your grandparents. Wife says. Yeah, and mom starting throwing knives at you, remember?

Grandpa’s heart not into you moving closer to him. Uncle Mick might have a kid with Kelly. And he already lives much closer to us than you do. Plus, Uncle Mick didn’t marry a loud mouth Jew, last time I checked.

Grandpa pushing us away from moving to Delaware. Don’t move just for us. Wife says. We’d only move there so my husband can dig up Nazi gold at the DuPont Estate. To mine material for his latest and greatest heist script to become to the new Tarantino.

Grandpa’s heart not into you moving closer to him. Your mom Skypes her sisters in England all the time. My wife says. But mom doesn’t have to get off her fat ass for that. Oh, that’s right. She’s got the dog for exercise now.

Grandpa’s heart wanting no part in being a more involved Grandpa to your 3 kids anytime soon. I don’t want you to sabotage your career just to be closer to us. Daughter says. I’d find a better job 1st Dad. You’re stuck with mom, not me.

Grandpa’s heart not being into you moving your 3 grandchildren even remotely close to his neighborhood. Still work in Philly. Got my own soccer league. I moonlight as an erudite, Irish Pat Cooper on the side minus the jealous inducing personality.

Grandpa’s heart not into being a more involved grandpa for his 3 grandchildren anytime soon. Your mom still needs surgery on her right knee. I’m still paying off the bill for her left knee. Eroded from non-stop lethargy.

Grandpa’s heart not being into you moving your 3 grandchildren closer to him. I got a call about an SAP job in New Jersey. Wife says. So, you’ll live in hotel rooms and never see mom again because you’ll visit us on weekends?

Grandpa’s heart not into us moving closer to him. I like your home. We’re still only 3 hours away if you really need us. Plus, you’re a homeowner now and have less debut than me. So I’m not the best person to be a co-signer for you either.



Michael Kornbluth

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