Favorites Never Change

Favorites Never Change
Your brother is trying to achieve something important.
So am I dad. Too bad you’re running low on faith in me, After blowing your entire load on my baby brother.

Favorites Never Change
Your brother loves you. I’m still getting past his request for me to get him baked knowing he was supposed to be in charge of babysitting my 2 kids as I rushed to the delivery room for lucky number 3.

Favorites Never Change
He’s still your brother. Dad, stop acting like I’ve shunned him from my life forever. I’m still waiting for him to read my blog I’m a better dad than Harold Ramis because. Since I told him I had skin cancer.

Favorites Never Change
You have no reason to be mad at your brother.
He never made you an unfulfilled skin cancer promise.

Favorites Never Change
You can bash your brother all you want.
I didn’t bring attention to him using a picture of my newborn as his new Facebook photo so he could attract more maternal muff in his late, balding thirties.

Favorites Never Change
All my friends are dying on me. So I’d like to focus on the positives in my life. Is that why you started the conversation about how I need to stroke my baby brother’s ego more? Let me focus on my own 3 kids 1st.

My daughter uncle bashing, not me.
Don’t you think it’s weird, Uncle Mick hasn’t visited our house yet?
Oh yeah that’s right. His wife hates you Dada. And Uncle Mick suffers from a nutless sack allergy.

My daughter uncle bashing, not me.
Uncle Mick is boring and doesn’t look as good as Uncle John.
He’s zero energy Dada. Kornbluth brother 1 Duffy brother zero.


Michael Kornbluth


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