4 Halloween Jokes Is All You Need

This is my impersonation of a gay escort who shows up late for a date with Boy George tonight. I got tied up at this Halloween Party by a Boy George impersonator. He got pretty method on my ass.

Do you think denture mouth Pelosi gives out books like 1000 Places To See Before You Die for Halloween to taunt middle class trick or treaters dressed like Kayne West in sweats and MAGA hats tonight? Smart enough not to wear black face.

John Kerry’s executive mind at work.
Should I ask Julio to build a billboard of my wife’s rotten apple face outside our Beacon Hill townhouse or an ISIS flag tonight to scare MAGA hat trick or treater’s?

Best Halloween prop is.
My wife as Francine from American Dad holding up a Build The Pool Fence sign during our Instagram family photo op. After my son Samuel holding up a cut out picture of Roger’s face taped to a red plastic martini glass.


Michael Kornbluth

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