Birth of a Boob Doctor

My nurse wife says I can’t call her a Boob Doctor till she gets her PHD.
But I’m not one to follow the rules and this is an overdue birthday poem for just her and me.
She was born in Brisbane, the site of a former British prisoner colony.
I only know this because I’m reading up on my National Geographic with my kids along with 30 second read books on Theology.
Natalia Anna Duffy is most happy cultivating her garden outside. Her greatest triumphs like her towering Sun Flowers in Pleasantville are impossible to hide.
Natalia Anna Duffy is now a proud mother of three. Which is a big deal because it’s 1 more non-screwed up kid than Me, Me.
The Boob Doctor has turned our home into a temple of suburban, Norwegian sheik. We wouldn’t have it any other way because our new granite top table, Danish Nome Tea Cups and ecofriendly chairs can’t be beat.
It makes me happy knowing the Boob Doctor had a nice birthday with her friends. And still forgave her husband’s hot head behavior and made amends.
The Boob Doctor’s parents are very proud. Of the beautiful home and family life she’s created. So please, take a bow.
The Boob Doctor can’t wait for her birthday next year. So, her husband can pay for a night out from his book sales in their New Range Rover that can jump over deers.

Happy Birthday Snuggle Shine


Michael Kornbluth


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