A Creative Life


3784-Simple-Nail-Art-Design-–-Step-by-Step-Process-for-Creating-Comic-Pop-Art-ss“In a time of destruction, create something.”
Maxine Hong Kingston


The word itself is more much than just a combination of random letters. It evokes a spark of the human spirit. It is the hot ember of the fire that we all carry with us.

From creation we are all born, and it is by creation that we all live. We are innately creative beings, as it is our birthright.

The artist knows this, as does the writer, as does the actor and the dancer and the musician. But it lives within the souls of all men, this spark of life that will not be vanquished.

To create is to live.

It lives among our keyboards as we type, in the lining of our threads even as the seamstress stitches our clothes.

It resides with us as we look upon our world, as we watch the rising sun…

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