Sensitive By Nature

When will President Trump receive props for ushering in a new golden era of independent film, demonizing whitey and securing participation trophy gold for Spike Lee? I hope the head of ANTIFA at least got his gift bag.

Titles for a chapter about the impact nature vs. nurture has on our kids.

Selfish, Sadistic and Sketchy
Effortless Sweet By Nature
Serially Selfish or Endless Sweet?

My daughter tries to calm her baby brother. Pretty soon, she starts crying because his exhaustive sound of despair shatters her melodic world of imagination to pieces. So she’s only acting effortless sweet because of pure serially selfish intentions alone?

Does my daughter cry at my slightest critique because she’s accustomed to me stroking her ego 24/7? Or is she just a direct descendant of my overly sensitive, shy boy nature, bludgeoned out of me from open mikes and cold calling throughout my 20’s and 30’s?

Suicide is a mental health brain problem but it’s also a pussy way out problem. You were feeling helpless and alienated, join the club. Suicides, especially murder suicides caps off the end to a serially selfish, sadistic sketchy streak also.

Oscars in 5 words? Demonize whitey for Oscar gold. Knew the Green Book would win. Sorry Spike, Viggo was the scene stealer in it. Did you walk out of the Oscars because you thought this was a real life hate crime also?

Black Klansman reeks of blatant money grab greed in attempt to perpetuate a false race war narrative in the face of Trump ushering in prison reform, new jobs & troop withdrawals from hell holes worse than the handsome brownstone blocks of Fort Greene Spike grew up in.

Memo to Spike Lee:
64 million branded racists voted for your fake news clone terminator X. But the 63 mill who voted for Trump are stuck in the middle of a born again white supremacist crisis? Who voted with their real Danny Aiello inside?

The real manufactured crisis in our country is Trump supporters committing hate crimes in the name of white supremacy to make up for lost time because the Grand Dragon was in hiding, when Obama was president, under his sheets, depressed. Emmy Lou kept Dragon alive by force feeding him grits through an IV.

Me explaining DNA to my daughter.
My genetic makeup is all over your face.
Daughter replies. But nobody accuses me of wearing lipstick daddy.
And I don’t look like Hugh Grant on Stilts as Knock Kneed Putzy The Clown.


Me grossing out my daughter.
My genetic makeup is all over your face.
Daughter replies. Gross daddy. Besides, I’m the not one who licks my lips more than LL Cool J backstage at the BET awards.


The End


Michael Kornbluth

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