Harvesting My Shadowbanned Parts

Harvesting My Shadowbanned Parts

My 2 books Falling for Fatherhood and Stay At Home Comedian will showcase my bountiful harvest of shadow banned parts flush with comedy gold nuggets and one of a kind heart.

Hear My Rocket Ship Coming 

I hear my rocket ship of glory coming. My podcast, 2 books and promotional reality TV show, Barnstorming Barbershop USA will blow away America with infinite delight. Beams of laughter will light up the cosmos at night.

Pregnant with Possibility Again 

Have I been fired more than a Palestinian Sling Shot? Does the new Pope provide safe spaces for old guard pedophiles? But at least now, I’ve got 2 books to put me in business as the voice for the do it all dad remote work revolution.

Get Rich Or Die a Salary Stiff

Wyatt Earp said it best. No man became rich being a salary man. Living paycheck to paycheck feeling your fortune is fixed to be another limitless, insufferable dead end.

In The Name Of Live Aborted Ones

I identify with aborted live ones knowing my dad constantly questions how we’re related in person with flippant, let down disgust. Plus he always tells me to calm down, insisting nobody cares about my political opinions.


The End



Michael Kornbluth



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