Know Your Role She Male Comedian


You don’t believe in intentional, biased algorithm manipulation against Trump supporter truthers from the band of big tech Nazi’s America? I’ve got 15 years of B2B sales experience, written for VH1, yet the most popular search I appear on LinkedIn is Homemaker.

But I’ve got gaps of wrath on my resume since getting fired from Robert Half in Manhattan and been left with no choice but to write my family out of poverty by throwing myself into my Do It All Dad Year Podcast and companion piece Blog to repurpose all my material which Twitter has become hellbent on Shadowbanning since my 2-year hot streak/pro Trumpian stance began. But now I’ve got 2 books encompassing my best material, Stay at Home Comedian, joke book, and Falling for Fatherhood, book of essays, coming out Father’s Day 2019.

Did I mention my editor proofreading my material edited a book on how Oscar Schindler overcame ADD? So, let me ask this question Uni Brow Maddow. Who do you think knows more about actual real-life Nazi persecution, Good Will Hoodie Zit Face Zuck or a Holocaust Historian who edited a book on Oscar fucking Schindler? Case closed, you hypocritical, sanctimonious Twitter twats, Chelsea Clinton included. But making fun of Chelsea Clinton is sexist. But she’s not even ugly anymore. Plus, I think Chelsea Handler is a divisive twat on Twitter to. Especially since, she quit her talk  show on Netflix to become a full-time social justice warrior. So, we’d focus less on her tits sagging popularity. But Sarah Silverman accusing President Trump of being immature, means plenty. Knowing she still takes bong hits in a hoodie into her upper forty’s and never outgrew her alternative, truly tasteless jokes phase.

On Twitter, all you hear about is the boom time Trump economy but what story gets zero attention is the costly price of exercising your freedom of speech in this age of victimized, manufactured, sore loser resistance. Again, how dare a proud New York Jew like myself, who got his TV writing break, writing all the host reads for WWE star Chris Jericho for a heavy metal music video countdown marathon special on VH1 Classic, who became a Recommended Writer on TV, for his 30 Rock spec script, The Kings of Comedy, dare turn his back on Rape Wood and the rape enablement party that’s in bed with the best and brightest stars which have defined my Gen X generation and beyond? No way, Rape Wood nor Corporate America don’t play that. You want to come out as a pro Trumpian online or off? Ok, then we’re going to shame you into thinking you’re some degenerate, dumb Jew, who only supports Trump because you’re an out of work, jaded, angry, white man, whose bitter over not being in Writers Guild of America at 42 already. When your people from Scarsdale, New York should’ve had multiple showrunner credits to be showcased on their IMBD page already. But now you’re over working in Hollywood and cool with just doing copywriter work for Vineyard Vines, “dress for new success”, that’s whatever cute, nobody is listening or respecting your opinion anymore, especially within the high-octane imagination world of creative copywriting in the Tri-State area. Ignore, delete, bye, bye, Google hasn’t delated your entire digital footprint yet because you’re not deemed big enough to be branded an anti-Muslim activist yet like Tommy Robinson. Face facts, you’re a less popular, poor man’s Laura Loomer at best. But at least she’s got friends on the far-right site and can text Milo for Jager mix drink tips whenever she wants. No, proud, white, Jewish, pro-Zionist, Trump loving Americans will never be welcome on Madison Avenue to help shape popular culture with more Nike Campaigns of fake news fro. You’ve never seen a bi-racial afro that large before? Slash from Guns and Roses tried it and it was a total flop. You’re so not Patton Oswalt, but good luck scoring laughs with that gem at local townie bars in Northern Westchester, further and further out of reach of big city, Comedy Cellar glory. In fact, just know your role and stay on Kitchen Patrol detail to make more Hummus Quesadillas for your environment killing family of 5 because cans of Garbanzo beans is all will allow you to afford, you deplorable piece of shit for supporting, celebrating and emoting about the most hilarious, American loving, freedom of speech defending President knowing throughout the history of mankind. Keep on thinking that and see how much farther it breaks you apart from whatever remaining so called bond you have with friends and family left.
In other words, know your role she male comedian. You’re on KP detail, making Hummus quesadillas for life for the crime of talking down to the east coast elitist establishment that reared you into the comedic monster you are today.



My old sales boss for an IT recruitment firm in Manhattan Beach, said “innovate or die.” Too bad, in this current, censorship purge climate the Silicon Valley, Big Banks and Madison Avenue, Old World Media and every George Soros funded group will do everything in their power to deplatform and apply a stronghold on those innovative, mo money making measures through banning your use of Go Fund Me or PayPal which has happened to Laura Loomer and Tommy Robinson in England, all for calling out the widespread, silencing of any nationalistic voice, which calls for greater homeland security and increase in walls and use of Ice and vetted legal immigration because homeland security was so weapons of mass destruction years.


Below, I could’ve used any of these titles to express the price I’ve paid for exercising my freedom of speech and being a blacklisted Trumpian shit talking truther of the most deplorable, illuminating order. Resist this, Joan lives.
Go Fund Me, Corporate America Won’t Either


Off the List Trumpian Truthers


Free Speech Ain’t Cheap Jack
Shouting at Fake News Divider Devils


Selling Your Soul to Monk Killers


Pay Pal Is No Friend of Mine Apparently


Band of Big Tech Nazis

Manic Resistor Depression
Broken LinkedIn Losers


Unwanted Trumpian Truthers
Sanctimonious Twitter Tale Twats


More Far Right Than Wrong


Real Narcissists Aren’t Lovable Resistors


Ball Gag Attacks on Trumpians


Hate Trump or You Can’t Earn Around Here

Taking on The Outrage Mob

Real Time Trump Truther Censorship

Outing Fake Good Will Hoodie


Surviving Expulsion from Corporate America


24/7 Trumpian Terrorist Attacks

I’m a Less Popular Laura Loomer

Humorless Hypocritical Hacks Hate

Deplatforming Is Dangerous for Your Health


Patriotism Gone Mainstream


Patriotism Isn’t a Sub Culture Dude

Patriotism is here to stay. My children hug flags also. Not, because I order them to. They do out of love from the depth of their freedom loving hearts. My family went on a hike today in North Westchester, out of nowhere, my beautiful 5-year-old son, Arthur Morrison Kornbluth, started belting out America the Beautiful without having to lip sink or fumble over the words like Liam Nielsen did with the American National Anthem in the Naked Gun either. I always knew he was ten times smarter than I was. My son, Art Show USA’s  patriotic, loving verse tickled Walt Whitman with joy from above and beyond, from sea to shining sea.


“Oh, my Captain, my Captain”, what a beautiful poem you penned about Abe Lincoln Walt.  You’ve would’ve loved my Too Honest Abe shock jock character I created for my TV pilot Mike Mates who becomes the most followed bi-racial media personality on Twitter. Who hosts on his own radio show on the top floor of the Freedom Tower in Manhattan, otherwise known as his Tower of Love. Margaret Cho read it and gave it the “so funny nod.” Some reader from the Black List described it as “too angry despite its humor.” You’re better off dead Walt, knowing how we now live in the land where nobody respects hustle, the close, or can admit we’ve got a President whose the greatest counter puncher since Jake Lamota before Dinero and pedo pack became unhinged and ruined the magical allure of Hollywood, old school, rugged, toughness of the NBA and Hair Metal’s age of guitar shredding. Because all the haggard, humorless hacks in the media are too busy trying to deceive arrogant baby boomers with drug addled children how Russian Collusion stories can still come true. Despite all Trump truthers being a under constant, terrorist attack with fear being blared through our smart phones, airports and McDonalds across the land with more still endless tales of future impeachment because our president is dangerous for our economic prosperity and security. All while knowing these fabricated, smearing hit job stories about every Trump supporter being a jealous racist, dumb hick who doesn’t know any better have less legs than Lieutenant Dan.


The writing is on the wall. America isn’t blind to the weaponizing of the FBI, CIA and made up rape stories and hate crimes designed to bring down a President before he can unleash the smackdown of justice upon all his treasonous, Benedict Arnolds usurpers which all of us true believers know is going to come. And it will have been worth the wait for what continues to be the greatest show on earth for true American loving patriots at heart, no offense P.T Barnum.

P.T Barnum’s headliner act that put him in business, made the circus the legendary attraction it became, was his elephant called Big Bet. In fact, during the Civil War, whenever Big Bet was in town down south, Lincoln would order a time out from mass carnage to enjoy the show. My logo for my Do It All Dad Year Podcast is an elephant, who symbolizes Big Bet. It symbolizes me tripling down on me becoming a star headliner comedian on my podcast and off after my books take me on the road for my TV reality show Barnstorming USA, doing jokes Twitter deems hateful and divisive. Will let whatever American with any balls left to call bullshit or not and decide for themselves. Ball busting is as American as American Pie, with me around taking on the outrage mob, I’m more hell bent than ever on proving it never dies. Or else kiss goodbye to American exceptionalism and good luck trying to find comedy in the Muslim world as a refreshing change of pace. One more thing, if you’re anti-wall, you’re an Anti-Israel Activist. But keep on supporting the UN who gives money to Hamas to dig more death tunnels to kidnap and murder Jewish children, great look, Soros and company.
The End
Michael Kornbluth

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