Birth Of A Family Man

Stay At Home Comedian
Arthur, you don’t need my Right Guard.
You never smell. We don’t even know what your farts smell like yet.

Democrats defending Illhan Omar’s blatant anti-semitism.
When she tweeted Jews are all about the Benjamin’s, she meant Jews only care for Puff Daddy’s earlier work before Suge Knight had Biggie gunned down on Wilshire Blvd.

Democrats trying to defend Illhan Omar’s blatant anti-Semitism again.
When she tweeted Jews hypnotize the world, she only meant the devilish line of monopolistic, master manipulator Jewish magicians like David Copperfield & David Blaine, duh.

I want to bang Meghan McCain again. Real life Charlottesville Nazis demonize Jews as controlling, manipulative, money driven demons. But using hip hop lingo such as Benjamin’s makes the Somalian refugee congresswoman innocuous like solo Ice Cube’s Wicked.

General Kelly would’ve served under Hillary Clinton? His son died a war hero, his sacrifice to our country doesn’t cut any deeper. Still, a 4 star general doesn’t know how to Google images of Tony Podesta’s art work? God, justice, can’t come soon enough.

How can you give Jared Kusher a security clearance? Are you kidding me? The only Jews less threatening than Jared Kushner are Ben Shapiro and Chelsea Clinton’s husband. Good to know General Kelly still has the Commander & Chief’s back though.

DNC doesn’t want Fox to host any of the debates because they won’t offer a fair and neutral debate. Isn’t there a Fox affiliate in Switzerland? They only banned gummy bears in schools because they’re not Halal. At least, white sauce hasn’t been banned yet.

What’s the Dossier?
Stay At Home Comedian
A made up memo about Russia, forcing Americans to vote for Trump, with instilled pop up Drago clones in voting booths, insisting vote Trump or I’ll break you.

What’s the Russian Dossier?
Stay At Home Comedian
Euro-Trashy pulp fiction about prostitutes and kinky requests which form the basis for Killing Zoe.

What’s the Dossier?
Stay At Home Comedian
A made up memo about Smirnoff Vodka’s attack campaign against every east coast elitist who only drinks Grey Goose on the rocks for 17 dollars a pop at the W in downtown, Manhattan.

What’s the Dossier?
Stay At Home Comedian
A memo about Trump trying to push Trump Hotel expansion into midtown St. Petersburg because everyone in America confuses Melania for Russian anyway.

This is a loving homage for my sweeter, funnier, twin who turns 8 day, marking the birth of a family man/stay at home comedian for the most part so far. At least this year, we’ve got some books to bring home the Benjamain’s Omar.


INT. Wine Shop-3 p.m
I buy a bottle of fine Kentucky bourbon to celebrate my daughter’s 8th birthday & getting published again on The Good Men Project.
Would you like a bag?
Stay At Home Comedian
Not unless I want to come off as a high end hobo in broad daylight.

Today, my 1st born, Matilda Singing Rose Kornbluth celebrates her 8th birthday on old beautiful world. Today, also celebrates the birth of me becoming an American Dad family man, minus the pension & job stability.


The End


Michael Kornbluth





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