Baby Face Omar

New Urban Dictionary Submission
Anti-Semitism-Meaningless if you’re a Muslim in a post Obama America, even if they insist the Iran deal was the deal of the century for Israel.

Trump constantly calls out Nazi scum for the dirtbags, dregs of society they are yet precious Rep. Illhan Omar is held to the same social standards as brainwashed PLO intern gofers for Roger Waters.

Pelosi defending you know who.
Lawmakers support Israel because they’re getting paid off is nonsense. All Omar was trying to say was the NY Times ignored the Holocaust until it became impossible to ignore. So no worries, knowing the NY Times got her back.

Stifling debate about Mideast policy. Demonize Israel for defending it’s right to exist is the UN’s policy of radical terrorist empowerment, not in Trump’s world. But Cortez confuses the Bronx for Yorktown Heights so she’s mentally challenged to begin with.

Nancy Pelosi defending Omar behind closed doors.
Muslims will be Muslims. Let’s not act like there was a love feast between the 2 religions in the 1st place. The Koran anoints Muslims as our chosen rulers, not Spielberg, Schultz and Kushner, alright.

The End


Michael Kornbluth

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