Hating On Jews Now

Brother’s fiancé attacking parents of child actors entrusting their children with touring productions of Annie.

What did these parents expect? Actors Equity Card membership for their star seeded offspring to feed off tomorrow.


Younger brother clarifies his previous text to me. Need your body to rest on.
That text was for Jane. I reply. I think your brain needs a rest from hard drug use in the bathroom stall dreaming.

My brother’s fiancé  suffers from anxiety because she stresses over grading essays for ESL, which stands for English as a second language. Worst case, Jet Li Jr. doesn’t give her a Mandarin for overlooking his intellectual property theft from the Art of War.

If current Democrats in power love Jews so much. Then why hasn’t one prominent one in the House or Senate called Baby Face Omar to her a face a blatant, Anti-Semitic bigot of the most transparent order, Beekeeper burka on or not?

Michelle Obama is a rock star? Is she playing Tina Turner in a biopic remake movie for Netflix called, What’s Talent Got To Do With It?

Do Democrats hate Jews? How many love Ivanka? She eats Kosher. Her husband helped pass prison reform, affecting mainly men of color. CNN coddles Baby Face Omar like she’s a lost, brain washed PLO intern refugee for Roger Waters. You tell me.

Dr. Seuss is guilty of casual racism now because he only depicts Arabs riding camels. But these camels are pink. So he’s really shining a spotlight on the rich, beautiful diversity of albino Camels. Who never see the light of day except in kids picture books.

Dr. Seuss is racist now. Why, because the Lorax looks like Donald Trump and Captain Caveman had a baby?

Dr. Seuss is racist now. Because refusing to read my kids Green Eggs and Ham means, I hate Irish people and fold my arms to Jump Around? And won’t give credit to Danny Ainge for being a shrewd, front office GM for the Boston Celtics.

Cat in the Hat is a racist? I thought he was a larger than life, pimp daddy lover of rhyme who like Slick Rick peaked early. Paving the way for smoother, longer lasting, more dancing and prancing tongue twister cats like Walt Frazier.

Dr. Seuss illustrations erase children of color? The majority of his books are about an extra tall Cat in a Pimp Hat. Who spits children rhymes like Slick Rick if he never played with BB Guns. Still, don’t see the problem here.

Int. Whole Foods-NY
The Espresso Machine is out of order.
Stay At Home Comedian
Jeff Bezos is the richest man on earth.
You don’t have a flying clone espresso machine handy?
Today, I’m liking Howard Schultz more than usual.

50% of Americans are for Socialism today. So all the young kids tweaked on Adderall now are working harder at sounding more entitled than ever before?


John Wayne movies is the reason my English father in law moved to America.

He asks. Did you watch the Oscars?
No but they’re changing the name of John Wayne airport.
Because of his right wing politics?
CNN hates straight shooters Americans look up to.

Int. Car-Morning
Stay At Home Comedian
Matilda, Gentiles like Jida shouldn’t say Shylock around Jews like ourselves ever. His casual racist defense? Hugh Grant was portraying one in Paddington Bear? The old man SAP nerd is a Shakespearean scholar now? Too bad nobody asked you Limey. But you’re just anti-Israel mate.  The Democrat love feast with my Jewish brothers and sister continues.

The End


Michael Kornbluth


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