Sugarcoating Stupid

Morning Prayer:
Please make the Lakers trade Lebron back to Cleveland for Kevin Love alone. Odell and Lebron will become tragic symbols of social media fueled narcissism gone wild. In the end, they’re just posting selfies for themselves.


Suggested hashtag campaigns for #CollegeCheatingScandal

Sugarcoating Stupid
Bitter Dead Heads
Colossal College Collusion Busts
Sorry, Our Mom Isn’t Reese Witherspoon
Whose The Dumb Mook Now?

The Mr. Rogers doc on HBO is a must see. I’m paraphrasing but Mr. Roger’s message is beautiful. He says: The greatest gift you can give someone is helping someone know they’re capable of being loved. Without having to buy their way into USC.

Sorry God, but I hate any Christian fundamentalist who forced their kids to picket with God Hates Gays shirts after 911. Who also lumped Mr. Rogers into God’s wrathful fury because he “tolerated” his gay neighbors blaring of Donna Summer over Fundoo.

NY State leads all states in population loss now. 3rd Trimester babies don’t count according to the New York State census bureau. And never stood a chance of getting out of here alive.

Anyone read the Testicular Bill yet? It requires a 24 hour waiting period for porn shop purchases like bargain bin Stormy Daniels DVD’s because Jenna Jameson DVD’s still command top dollar. You want to ban masturbation next? It’s our only safety rail left?

At Target today, I saw a Michelle Obama book titled Reach Higher. Bill Maher just got a stiffy. Joan lives.

Kushner got into Harvard after his Dad’s donation. Prove it Daily Beast. Compare Obama’s GPA at Harvard to Kushner to see how brainless the sketchy Jew was. Darn, Obama’s college records are sealed. So much for being Mr. Transparent.

What does Stevie Nicks have to say to Hillary backstage at MSG? Please tell me Bill didn’t rape those woman, abandon his black love child & Facetime convicted pedo Jeffrey Epstein before lights out each night. Tell me lies Hillary, only sweet little lies.

#FacebookDown, did Diamond and Silk bankrupt Good Will Hoodie over a trillion dollar defamation suit, for branding them a menace to their community? Yeah and De La Soul were the pioneers responsible for gangsta, cop killer rap.


The End


Michael Kornbluth



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