You’re Worse Than Hillary

Int. Home
Daddy, these gym socks are so you run like a Cheetah.
Do It All Dad
Call daddy a slacker if I’m not on the treadmill before you wake up every morning now that my leg is healed.
Enough with the excuses slacker, you’re worse than Hillary.

Special counsel, Mueller didn’t exonerate the President of obstructing justice? Then, why do the echos of impeaching the motherfucker feel less hollow today than the DNC’s condemnation of hate speech because that’s what they embody. They’re truth a phobic.

Mueller wasn’t consulted on the summary of his report by Attorney General William Barr. Who gives a shit? Mueller had 2 years to get pretty familiar with such flimsy source material used for a hack spec script for FX’s Americans.

The Mueller report says it does NOT “exonerate” Trump because he doesn’t want his BFF James Comey and their pals at CNN and MSNBC to pull the plug on their pathetic, meaningless lives on a Sunday alone with their sheepish followers on Twitter.

If the investigation into Clinton’s emails had been handled the same way, the outcome of the election would be different. Words like Uranium One, Seth Rich, Benghazi & spirit cooking, are more than just bullet points on Hillary’s resume resistors.


Gronk retires the day McCabe, Comey, and Obama sandal sniffing Brennan become the known public enemy number one’s. Guilty of obstruction and colluding to overthrow a duly elected president. Send these tight ends to Gitmo already Mr. President, God speed.

Marc Cuban trying to act smarter than Skip Bayless.
Everything you say is general. Nobody cares about your opinion. How about you’re a coder nerd. You’re another moron who was with her. And you’re on my show for a reason Lebron licker

INT. Home
Wordpress is the most popular recruitment platform for terrorists.
Do It All Dad
Is this your way of saying I’m abusing my freedom of speech more than your average Jihadi transplant in Minnesota or Michigan?


Chair was classified as a terrorist organization by the United Arab of Emirates. Obama opposed the classification because he would know more than Arab leaders who didn’t attend private school in Hawaii.

I want 4 kids now so old men stop badgering me with. We had 4, without me asking them in the 1st place. Well, I only planned 1  as an f you dad baby to get back at my father for implying I live for handouts. We have nothing in common.

Int. Home
You look sad.
Do It All Dad
My heart’s depressed for turning my anger at cleaning dishes 1st thing in the morning after cooking for 3 nights in a row inward.

INT. Trader Joe’s
Female Worker
You better eat all that food.
Do It All Dad
Or you’ll what, report me to Jimmy Buffet in Munchieville?


Happy Opie and Anthony gave Jim Norton a shot at taking over the show as the real talent. Loved how Patrice, scariest elephant in the room was a mainstay. But they suffer from major Howard derangement syndrome for ever thinking they were in his class.

Arliss was a great show pre-Lebron before the NBA existed as a safe space to preserve his punctured ego. The season finale of Arliss from 5000 years ago is great. The gold prospector ghost declares, “I love my work.” Robert Wuhl did to, bravo.

Gronk is so pimp. Only Gronk can get away with over the top soundbites on Colin Herd . Of course Gisele, is a beautiful super model of yesteryear but she’s still 80 in model years. Relax, Bleacher Report, Brady doesn’t get deflated.

My retired mom’s 24 hour reply policy for texted pics of her 3 grandchildren from me.

She needs 24 hours to process her hatred at my father and my younger brother for making it more difficult to visit more and create picture perfect moments on her own.

Cody still draws like he’s in Kindergarten.
So does daddy.
You’re in Kindergarten daddy.
Dad laughs.
You’re way funnier than mama.

The End


Micahel Kornbluth

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