Resist This

My dad told the DJ to turn town Jimi Hendrix’s version of the Star-Spangled Banner at my wedding. My kids hug flags on Main Street with real love of country and anti-war songs, personifying descending death and soaring redemptive grace. Just curious but did Fake News Fro Kaepernick hug it out with Old Glory after the NFL cut him the largest unemployment check ever recorded? Only in America baby, land of the free and home of collusion tales with less legs than Lieutenant Dan. But at least bean breath twerp John Oliver got his Emmy’s. So much for my family friendly opener feel. Also, just to clarify Kaepernick totally sports a fake news fro. Have you ever seen a bi-racial afro so large before? Slash from Guns and Roses tried, and it was a total flop.

But come on America, how proud can we be of the 2-year-shame campaign against all the 64 million branded racists who voted for Donald J. Trump to become President? Only to learn more and more each day how the FBI, CIA, Silicon Valley, mainstream media and Rape Wood, despite the In Mueller We Trust Report, are more hellbent than ever in their all-consuming quest to silence and punish anyone who dares to call out of the evil wronging doings and coverups of the past Obama administration. For example, Obama nuke gifting Iran, no biggie, being a paranoid Jew again, baby face Omar I get it. What other Obama legacy accomplishments am I missing? Oh yeah, arming ISIS, JV mistake, could happen to anybody who was Senator for a day. Let’s not forget Obama’s driving role in promoting false narratives like “hands up, don’t shoot”, provoking a level of lawlessness and violence towards cops, never seen in my lifetime outside of a F the police video. Now we know big O did nothing about the Fentanyl epidemic, responsible for more American deaths than Vietnam because he couldn’t be bothered during March Madness every year. The messiah approved of all the spying on the Trump campaign, made possible by a FISA Warrant, based on a Russian collusion tale paid for by Hillary Hammer Time Cankles detailing charges of Holograms of Drago popping up in voting booths, demanding vote Trump or I’ll break you. Secret meetings with Russia to sway the election Trump’s way to ensure a 2-year pussy riot to ensue laced with imaginary golden shower tales without Chelsea Handler not being on the receiving end of it for a change. Is something you’d expect to see in a 1st draft spec script for FX’s American’s you crank out your 1st year at USC Film school on too much indoor nugget, Dr. Dre’s daughter or not. You don’t triple down whatever remaining flagging integrity you have left Jimmy the Hick from Nevada, Kimmel, howdy doody Podesta puppet Colbert, Uni Brow Maddow on perpetuating a Deep State, Obama directed coordinated hit job to remove a duly elected President of the United Sates in the absence of voter ID just because you were with her for some God awful reason and turned out to be not as smart, beloved and respected by what constitutes the real heart of America which hasn’t lost it’s moral sense of decency, fair play and good in general just yet. But all the “not my president” resistors and ANTIFA, Cobra Kai ninjas, Jussie Smollet enablers, certainly test our powers of forgiveness. Knowing for 2 whole years, all the power-hungry heads of Madison Avenue, Rape Wood and Silicon, snuggle soft skinned Silicon Valley have done zilch to speak out against rampant, unchecked violence against peaceful, Trump supporters, sporting the demonized MAGA hat. And peaceful Trump supportees doesn’t include the central casting cattle call of millennial white supremacists in Tommy Hilfiger with Tiki torches in hand bussed in to Charlottesville for SAG cards. Kayne West also sports a MAGA hat because it makes him feel like “superman.” Although Jussie Smollett is immune to all form of fake news hate crime incited prosecution so perhaps, he slipped the prop hat on when the cameras aren’t looking. Telling himself in the mirror, I can free style like Kayne with this hat on. I’ll pass on the porcupine puss of course but I wouldn’t have minded the skills to record Otis with Jay Z at the Mercer or do anything with Lou Reed waiting for my man. Who auditioned for the part of Obama’s estranged Kenyan brother on Empire, who in the b storyline is trying to blackmail the President with sex tapes involving him and Erykah Badu in drag.

Nobody talks about the deliberate, sick, peddling of lies about our US President, who works free in the pursuit to make America safe and prosperous for all Americans again. And how all this fake news, intentionally misleading talk of being a Russian puppet of the Kremlin has torched lifelong friendships, marriages and business associate relationships into an omnipresent inferno swoop. Don’t even get me started on my inability to secure interviews for recruiter or copywriting roles in my hometown of NY once someone in HR peaks at my pro Trumpian Twitter feed, my chest. And I’ve written for Viacom twice. Plus, 5 thousand plus direct connections on LinkedIn amassed from my new business development IT headhunting years prove I’m no GenX slacker in a headset either. I wrote the speech of my life calling Doing You for a part time writer teacher job at a Charter School in Harlem, faxed the monster, cost 35 bucks, no response whatsoever. Just to be clear, I’m not making excuses for being an unemployed stay at home comedian dad, or else I’m worse than Hillary. No, I’m simply stating a matter of fact, which is anyone who dares to call out the fascist, speech controlling overlords at Google, Apple and good will hoodie at Facebook or Rape Wood who still have lofty entertainment ambitions pay the price of ostracization, end of story. Knowing the opposition has invested all their power, ego, money and remaining brain cells left to punishing and belittling all Trumpian supporters on social media, within the field of public opinion, in the form of fists of fury to your face at Berkley or where it hurts the most, in your depleted bank account, as you struggle to be the provider big man you’ve fought so hard to be for your growing family of 5 in this age of the Trumpian kiss ass resistance.

I’m not shutting up now, knowing all along this Trump Train was bound for glory and neither should you. History will reward us for picking the side of good and for recognizing pure evil when it’s jammed down our throats for 2 years straight at nauseum. Is POTUS my best friend? No, could it help if he retweeted a recommendation of my upcoming book of #shadowbanned jokes, Stay at Home Comedian, out July 4, 2019. Does Jussie Smollet have a soul left to sell? Thank you, Mr. President, for making unapologetic love of our spat on flag, discarded vets, belittled capitalistic fighter might and suppressed brash in your face expressiveness against self-serving elitist scumbags great again. You truly are the American’s people champion. Have I earned my book plug yet? Just think of how much it would piss Michael Savage off.  Hugging it out means making peace by showing a spec of self awareness for the blatantly unnecessary damage your insufferable arrogance has produced.  I’m not holding my breath. Resist this.
The End


Michael Kornbluth

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