Stephen Miller’s Greatest Hits

How many White Nationalists live in Kenya? Is there a movie Kenya Bush Burning streaming on Netflix? When Richard Pryor went to Africa did he ever utter I hate Kenyan Nazi’s? Did Baby Face Omar grow up on Venice Beach in the 90’s?

How is Minnesota House Rep. Ilhan Omar such an authority on White Nationalism? Was Higher Learning airing on her free trip to Minnesota? Would it make her feel better if the new Metrodome was shaped like a retractable Hijab instead?

Baby Face Omar calls herself an intersectional feminist. Ok, so maybe, she needed more than 3 months to learn the nuances of our native English language. Intersectional feminist, means what? She can’t decide whether she’s gender fluid or not?

Baby Face Omar at Katz Deli with Chuck Schumer.
Mia Farrow would’ve adopted you after she dumped the Jewish perv. Are Muslims allowed tongue? What about white fish salad? Am I being too New York Jewish pushy for your taste?

According to Baby Face Omar, either you’re a white nationalist or your cool with endorsing complete lawlessness with Keith Ellison’s favorite Borders Are Bull Shit Undershirt. A very sophisticated world view. I admit.

Baby Face Omar at the photo shoot for the cover of Rolling Stone.
Loosen up Omar. Just think despite Stephen Miller’s resistance Sharia Law won. Those are some pearly whites Omar. Are there good dentists in Kenya? Because all Jewish dentists are crooked.

Memo to Baby Face Omar
White Nationalists burn crosses down south.
Stephen Miller is a Jew from Santa Monica, California.
I don’t see Stephen Miller eating pulled pork sandwiches with the CEO My Pillow to discuss Pink Floyd the Wall either.

I wonder what my old Media Studies teacher at Ithaca College has to say about the Baby Face Omar phenom today.

All the Jews in the media hate themselves for not sticking up to this racist runt. I got tenure, so fuck it.

Stephen Miller is a speech writer for President Trump. Name one instance Baby Face Omar, where any Trump speech uttered the white nationalist unification slogan, Make Nazi Germany Great Again? Still waiting you Jew lover you.


Baby Face Omar and Stephen Miller stuck in an Elevator.
Do they have Candid Camera in Kenya? Wait, you’re too young to catch that reference. Did you ever see America’s Funniest Home Videos in Kenya? Bob Saget host, infidel, tall Jew like me.

Baby Face Omar hates Jews in power. The nicest thing she would say about the Jews is how despite the Muslims inventing Math, Jews being money hungry rats, perform better at standardized tests because they’re all about the cheddar.

The End,


Michael Kornbluth


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