Spitting on Chopin’s Grave

Most brutal hashtag to wake up to on my ordained day of rest.

She’s no Rita Marley Twitter. And your hashtag campaign in her honor is no redemption song. Quoting W only makes Baby Face Omar’s mouth worse.

911 restricted Muslim civil liberties in the US, the religion of peace. The call to prayer in my old neighborhood in Queens didn’t sound too peaceful, muted or restricted one bit after 911 either, just saying.

Again, how was Omar’s freedom restricted after 911? Was she denied an Ivy league education at Harvard because her Math SAT scores were too high? And excelled at classical piano despite spitting on Chopin’s grave in her dreams.

How was Omar’s freedom restricted after 911?
She never considered moving on up to the Upper East Side. Picture Omar in her finest hijab being judged by Ruth Ginsberg’s sister in law as the head of the co op board in her building. Do you care for Woody’s earlier work Omar?

911 restricted US Muslim’s civil liberties. Nobody stopped Baby Face Omar from petitioning outside of Hebrew National headquarters for showcasing a dual loyalty to Ellen Barkin from the Bronx and Orthodox Brooklyn Jews scared to try anything else.

911 restricted Muslim’s civil liberties. The NY Times is free to use unverified sources such as Russian golden shower tale to make Chelsea Handler blush. Plus, I don’t recall the NY Times looking into Obama’s pitch perfect Farsi.

911 restricted Muslim’s civil liberties in the US. Leaders of the Muslim community were pretty vocal about opening a super mosque in downtown Manhattan soon after, immune from being spied on of course unlike others.

If President Trump doesn’t pardon our #WikiLeaks hero. Nor use him to take the down the murders behind Seth Rich. Then Sean Hannity, Q and my all knowing trusting, gut level instinct owes me an effusive, mandatory apology.

Again one last time, how was Omar’s freedom restricted after 911? She balked at hondeling with a Jewish Super over a ghost town, Tribeca loft next to Ed Burns after 911? She got sued for defamation after calling J date Horny Heebs Date on My Space?

The End


Michael Kornbluth

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