Deranged Loser Endorsements

Planned Parenthood is in the middle of NYU. Didn’t they raise the requirements for entry since Debra Messing got in? You’d think taking the pill, anal alternatives & sticking to fellatio wasn’t beyond freshman orientation comprehension.

The only time I get mad at my perfect daughter is when she tenses up after he greets her with a super tight prolonged hug off the bus after school. I stress to my daughter. Be grateful for having a brother who loves you so much. Most smell and are boring.

Biden’s already got an eight point lead on Trump? Based on what? I don’t see Valerie Jarret moving out of the Obama’s crib to become his full time, live in Arabian horse whisperer. Biden is an Easter Worshiper last time I checked.

Biden’s main reason for trying to become President is because of the rise of white nationalism under Trump. Didn’t you call Obama a clean, well spoken blackie compared to others? Not those exact words but we got the gist working class Joe.

The Charlottesville fiasco bared the fangs of racism Biden. But ANTIFA wears black hoods. Please clarify, you pedophile conjuring creep. Also, why didn’t you ever get touchy feeling and cross the red line with Michelle? Just curious.

Let’s see how Biden fares in the debates. He’s a government hack, career politician who still treats Al Sharpton like he’s got cultural cachet like Kayne or Candace Owens. His son is banging his brothers widow. USA’s soul is saved.

Will Michelle Obama enter the race for 2020? What’s going to be her campaign slogan? Obama’s 5 o clock shadow part 2?


Biden trying to sound like Obama.
We are in a battle for the soul of our nation. Like Huma Licker Breath had a soul to spare the Devil to sell. Obama did jack shit when Fentanyl killed more Americans than the Vietcong liver spots.

The rise of white nationalism is biggest threat to our nation Biden has ever seen? Not Muslim Supremacists stinking up the halls of Congress with their anti-semitic, 911 trivializing, ungrateful, foul mouthed, Muslim Brotherhood 101 talking points at nauseam?

Biden describes the ANTIFA anarchist, riot instigating, pee throwing, bike lock hitting, wannabe tough guy thugs as “courageous.” Especially when the police are told to stand down as their paid opposition tantrums ensue.

I love how Biden acts like a friend of Israel or any Jew for that matter. His ex boss nuke gifted Iran and the PLO as he slithered out the door. Who got Jussie Smollet off for almost starting a fake news instigated race war.

Imagine George Conway dating again.
Sure, Trump won again in 2020.
But that’s just because America’s fucking nuts.
Didn’t your wife and 4 kids waive all visitation rights because you’re the deranged, jealous, mook, not the Donald.

Trump is Putin’s bitch. He armed the Ukraine, increased our energy and oil production which hurts Russian where it hurts. He’s also made sure Syria stopped gassing their people more than Putin has, pea brain nobodies.


Empire Cast wants Jussie Smollet back on the show. That’s so cute. Why not hire Chuck D to cut a new version of brothers going to work it out. Assuming Michelle plays the middle man enforcer mediator again.

German Women’s Mag gives tips on treating stab wounds. So much for that topic being a no go area, yikes. What’s the following column? Acid attack makeover tips? Burka costume websites to throw off Jihadi John’s cousin after a 3 day rave in downtown Berlin?

Beto acting different.
I won’t deport like Trump or Obama. My wife is loaded. So I can afford all the private security detail I need. I’m also not a white hating Kenyan who tried to launch a race war against the cops and neuter Uncle Sam.

Michael Avenatti endorses  Joe Biden for President. Wasn’t Avenatti just disbarred? Then again, so was Bill, Hillary and she hulk Michelle. How much of a lying POS do you have to be to get disbarred as Jackie Mason would say?

Wife complaining.
I wake up, look after the kids and go to work.
Don’t forget me pulverizing Blondie for old time sake with renewed gusto last night. And our bed elevating, sweaty sex period was before Amy Schumer pregnant with more zero funny possibility pics.

Facebook will split in 2. Unless you ban Baby Boomers to 1 site, so they don’t have to continue being the laziest grandparent generation of all time. Who are able to reduce face time with their grandchildren to their phones. I’m not impressed Good Will Hoodie.

The End


Michael Kornbluth









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