Kiss Ass Resistance

Snoop Dog revealing his true colors.

Louis Farrakhan speaks the truth.

Post all his sermons on Instagram.

Who cares if my brain hovers a notch above hood hell?

Will Facebook ban Omar next? If Farrakahn, Snoop and the Muslim Brotherhood are friends with her. I don’t see her promoting Old E being Snoop Dog’s ho sprayer of choice.

Colbert fantasized about choking Attorney General Barr.

I’m sure his boy Podesta is into that.

You used Sean Spicer for prop comedy at the Emmy’s you zero talent hack.

Be funny without a real life personality to hide behind.

Am I the only one not dazzled by the profile of Bret Easton Ellis on Breitbart? His live in boy toy is an ex junkie who couldn’t score extra work on Requiem for a Dream. Show actual balls and call yourself a Trumpian Bret.

De Blasio’s wife used to be a lesbian yet were supposed to believe garlic breath converted her? Knowing, he eats pizza with a fork and knife. I can’t picture him eating her out for any extended period of time with sloppy abandon.

Trump calling Putin.

Are you excited to see Hillary in an orange pantsuit as much as I am comrade?

You thought me winning the election and Mueller proving your bots didn’t elect me President caused a pussy riot.

Overruling Mama.

Mary Poppins for movie night when mama’s at work.

I was thinking Adam Sandler movie appreciation night.

Because he’s the golden Jew.

And your parents didn’t care for the end of Inglorious Bastards.

I hate it when my wife says to my daughter, “you’re being so good”, with the baby.

Translation, you’re making me look bad. As I wallow in misery because of Dada’s hit Crab Cakes.

Starting shit with my wife.

Did your mom discuss any plans for the kids this summer for Baba camp?

She only has all year to plan for it.

Does she intend to de-clutter their designated playroom?

Dress up for the occasion?

Starting shit with my wife again.

Why would you talk to your mom 3 times a week?

I never knew you could be so bored with your own thoughts.

What she made Tata for dinner rehashes are less enthralling than the meals themselves.

The End


Michael Kornbluth

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