Passive Aggressive Palestinians

Enough with Israeli aggression.

You fire 700 rockets into my backyard.

Don’t expect Edible Arrangement thank you packages in return sweetheart.

Not one Democrat nominee for President spoke out against Hamas for killing 4 Israeli citizens this weekend.

Were they too busy clearing the message with Farrakhan offline without the aid of instant messenger anymore?

Memo to Collin Kaepernick.
Siding with Linda Sarsour. Who promotes genital mutilation. Is like wearing a mutilated clit on your fro bro.

Memo to NY Jews
If you still vote Democrat in 2020.
Knowing those reps refused to stand for Holocaust liberators during President Trump’s state of the union. You might be the real dumb, hick deplorable. Elie Wiesel you’re not.

My Irish father in law can’t call me an arrogant Jew. Since my wife told me he’s never been to confession before.

I thought Dennis Leary was a stranger to modesty.

At least Dennis Leary admits he’s an asshole about it.

Kids at a Muslim school in Philly, were caught singing songs, praising the the blood of martyrs.

All we’re saying, is give Hamas more money United Nations. So our destruction of Israel stands a chance.

Obama rode the bench at an all Asian high school private school in Hawaii yet Lebron insists on kissing the Kenyan’s ass over Trump.

Trump’s a bum.

Didn’t you fake an injury like Bill Ray Valentine in Trading Places King?


Trump’s Best Disinvite

I’m the bum Lebron?

I don’t play the blame game.

I don’t wear a Yankees hat in attempt to steal their dynastic aura.

You’re the one whose always begging for help to take the pressure off your back.


Chuck Lorre in the mirror this morning.

Trump is such a dumb shit.

Charlie Sheen isn’t laughing now.

I need nerdy dialogue on Big Bang Theory to make me appear smarter than I actually am.

Chuck Lorre staring at himself in the mirror some more.

Trump has a brain damage despite his jokes being funnier than mine.

Charlie Sheen was overrated in Platoon.

Old Testament wrath on Mueller can’t come soon enough.


Sandler’s Farley song is beautiful.

SNL alum Lovitz, Nealon and Smigel are always funnier in his movies than Spade, Schneider and Rock.

Jay Mohr called Farley the Michael Jordan of comedy.

Farley heard the love loud and clear.

Ashley Judd isn’t a rape victim.

Ooh, you refused to watch Harvey Hair Clumps Weinstein shower himself down in his 4 star suite at the 4 Seasons.

Granted, she’s from Kentucky and used to judging fat pigs the County Fair.

Insight from the Wedding Singer 20 years later.

Drew Barrymore has made career off looking like she’s hyperventilating anxiety or on the verge of blowing her incoming fart’s cover.


Mia Farrow suggested to Vanity Fair how Frank Sinatra could’ve fathered her son Ronan Farrow, not Woody Allen.

Then why hasn’t Ronan Farrow taken a swing at Woody Allen yet?

Or did Mia Farrow teach him non-violence is the way?


Swedish Muslims crowdfunding for a mega mosque.

Trump’s not the one only who can fill auditoriums.

We’re in the billion dollar club also.

Will Mar-A-Lago house our growing number of worshipers?


So tired of reading about Big Tech censorship.

Silencing Conservatives.

Orwellian nightmare coming true.

How about a headline which reads.

Big Tech, China and Radical Islam in a tree.

Pissing on Thomas Paine’s grave.


Memo to President Trump:

So surprised to see Conservative thinkers like James Woods be banned from Twitter.

I’m sure Oliver Stone has some theories on it.

Do something about it already before I get into Ann Coulter’s hair again.


Stay At Home Comedian
Do you have any basketball high tops which aren’t Nike?
I’m not interested in Under Armor shoes endorsed by chipmunk chucker either. Air Jordan’s I’d consider. But the swoosh is off the list.


That’s My Boy by Adam Sandler and his crew is hilarious.

Totally inappropriate to show my 3 kids. But they loved it.

What’s whacking off Dada?

Are only safety lane rail left kid.


The End 


Michael Kornbluth

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