Jimmy Fallon’s Writers Hate

Jimmy Fallon’s writers hate him because he didn’t rub Trump’s hair off, so a real-life skin head would emerge.


Brody Stevens tragic death, Hollywood Reporter? Joan Rivers getting knocked off for outing you know who was a tragic death. Also, can we stop glamorizing suicide for one second? Then again, I’d want to kill myself if my eulogy in the Hollywood Reporter was prefaced with, for A listers like Sarah Silverman. You know the real authority on maturity, knowing she still rips bingers in her hoodie into her late forties.  Why doesn’t the Hollywood Reporter put a spotlight on how most stand-up comedians aren’t lighting rods of conversation off stage because they’re not too warm hearted, giving humanitarians in the first place?  I hate to highlight Mein Kemp highlighting Bukowski, but he did refer to writers as a whole, at least the good ones as, “selfish, awful people, who save their best selves for the page.” I think you can say the same thing for Brody Stevens, assuming he wasn’t always dying up there at the Laugh Factory on Sunset Blvd. I do recall him on Jeff Ross’s roast show once and making a comment about using kettle bells. Sarah could use some core crazy normalizing these days.

Also, the Jewish rape doctor bit Sarah did back in the day on the Larry Sanders show, was written by someone else and her old show on Comedy Central sucked donkey dick after the pilot. Sarah Silverman gives new meaning to being heralded for making half-ass, half hearted, half-smile inducing comedy,  borderline shock jock humorish material, funny post her performance on the Pamela Anderson roast. Great look though, still defending Obama Sarah. Iran totally respected their time out from nuke building because your savoir gave them 150 billion for overseas manufacturing jobs for Build A Bear,to make the economy less reliant on the sale of hair removal products for your busted slinky bush alone babe.

Jon Snow going to a fancy rehab center in CT for 75 grand a month ruins everything. He was supposed to be the more Alpha Dog Orlando Bloom yet now you get the impression he’d startle easy from a cutting stare from Gordan Ramsey on Master Chef, celebrity edition, fake knights of the roundtable. For his take on Dothraki Lamb burgers. Ramsey yells.

“This burger taste like burnt villagers Jon Snow. Plus, the Dothraki would skull fuck you on the spot for infusing their burgers with rosemary, garlic aioli. Dothraki’s are never confused with shishy bitches like yourself John, no offense.”


Memo to AOC.

Our border Detention Centers have central AC, which is more than I have, let alone starving orphans in death camps in Auschwitz. Without smart phones, kicks and orange soda stained XL Jams, Miss Yorktown Heights, which is greener than your freezer at campaign headquarters, to puff down with Snoop on 420. Whose brain hovers a notch above porn hood hell.

Michael Kornbluth



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