Nikki Sixx’s Snowflake Side

Stop calling nationalist a loaded word. The N bomb is a loaded word. ANTIFA lives matter, is an oxymoron.

How does an ANTIFA Terrorist in Portland, Oregon celebrate Mother’s Day? Take out the trash for once. Meaning, move out of the house for good.

DO It All Dad
A gay journalist was beat up by ANTIFA in Portland yesterday.
I don’t want to hear it.
Do It All Dad
But you love Portland. Too bad, it’s no longer Bill Walton’s Portland babe.

Happy Triggering Day Advice:
Ivanka this, Ivanka that, Ivanka 2024.
1st Jewish, female American President bitches. Let’s see what feckless, tolerant cunts you are now.

An actor in the new Star Wars says, limited job offers for Muslim actors increases the odds in them becoming terrorists. So ANTIFA would go away, if only Ari Gold could score them a SAG card for yelling Nazi in unison for that elusive film credit?

Nikki Sixx now identifies with being a snowflake, based on the Republican use of the word to describe resistor twitter twats. He threw Axl around like a rag doll according to Circus Magazine back in the day.

Michael Kornbluth

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