Inappropriate Hated Speech

When I 1st met Jane’s mom Honey, she says to me, “Your daughter is your twin.” I reply, “Yeah my DNA is all over her face.” Honey laughs longtime. My mother in law doesn’t care for rock concerts because they’re too loud.

My parents expressed concern about me making today tense. But I haven’t started flirting with Jane’s mom yet or professed how I’m hot for Honey, knowing the feeling is mutual.

Who loves the sun more than sweet Jane’s and Honey’s laugh? I’m more of an overcast guy myself.

Sweet Jane and her mother Honey are effortless sweet. I wanted to say scrumptious sweet but I don’t want to cause a love triangle with Honey and my sister in law on my brother’s wedding night. Sure, that’s a big no, no, even in Bill Maher’s book.

Sweet Jane and Honey play Fortune Teller with my kids. I predict leaning on you 2 for babysitting the way Comedy Central plans on exploiting Trevor Noah’s family friendly charm for all it’s worth.

Sweet Jane and Honey are such good educators. They taught my brother God is real in our hearts. Similar to God George Steinbrenner has given my brother more 2nd shots at redemption than Steve Howe.

Sweet Jane and her mom Honey are the sweet, soul sisters I never had in my life. 3 kids latér, it’s a little late for us to have the birds and the bees talk or about how marriage reduces men to sluts in a straight jacket for our better half.

Side note, Jonathan face times his best friend Forrest before he goes to sleep with his fiance sleeping next to him. Congrats Good Will Hoodie, you’ve killed bedroom privacy and encourage driving selfies to the point of no return.

Sweet Jane and Honey are really into my kids. The rest of you today are interchangeable props really. Cam from Canada, make yourself at home and hit somebody. So, Jim Carey can paint you as an alt-right deplorable goon proud boy for hire.

Sweet Jane and her mom Honey are the sweet, soul sisters I never had. Some unplanned kids latér, it’s a little late for us have the weed talk and how weed can lead to you blanking on confirming whether your woman is on the pill or not.

Sweet Jane and Honey, welcome to the Kornbluth family. My kids are smitten with you, so you’ll have always have a special place etched in my heart. My 3 kids are automatic fans of me. And I was into you 2 from the start 2, L’Chaim.

Michael Kornbluth

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