Summer Of 2019

ANTIFA believes it’s pushing America towards Civil War. Fake News already has, ANTIFA’S just carrying out their dirty work. Although, I’m sure the ANTIFA War Memorial will look more stately than a black hoodie bonfire in the Rouge Brewery in Portlandia.

Rotten Tomatoes gave Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special a zero percentage rating because he makes more trans jokes and leaves the fake news Nazi label hurls at Trump to lesser so called comedians. Steve Colbert must be feeling squarer smug than usual today.

Anyone who defends Al Franken.

He was just pretending to grope her tits.

In the USO sketch, their kiss was scripted.

Pussy grabbing eluded Al because he’s only four foot 2.

My impersonation of Thomas Paine during last call in a Philly Tavern in 1776

Name one single advantage of being connected to mother England. Knowing Franklin is light years away from harnessing lasix mole removal technology.

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense is a long winded blog on how the Brits are evil usurpers of liberty and no friend to America. Whose only interest was ensuring colonists remained the subserviant underling bitches of a non-God chosen King Joffrey of his day.

When a Coltrane record get’s stuck on the same Jazz groove, it sounds like saxophone masturbation on speed with the entire House to yourself. All Santana sanctioned spiritual embedded heft goes poof.

Trump’s got dark energy Santana? But Hillary is the best selling voodoo in Haiti, after Chelsea used their relief fund to fund her lavish wedding. At least, she’s not ugly on the outside anymore. Trump doesn’t need acid to see whose full of shit Carlos.

Carlos Santana on Trump with Rolling Stone.
Trump is a child of God. It isn’t too late for him to fix our schools with Charter ones and bring back a revised recitation of the 10 Commandments. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s mushroom farm.

Proof pop culture is losing.

We want Kayne and Chappelle

Jordan Peele and Donald Glover aren’t enough.

Spike, Samuel L, Lebron, Morgan Freeman and Don Cheadle aren’t either.

Common sense tells us Thomas Paine hates a pubescent Limey king from afar taxing his homemade brewed hard cider. Today, Common Sense would be branded a vanity press publication, adovocating alt right nationlism on Neo-Nazi message boards.

Do It All Dad
My wife can’t call me a self-serving, degenerate narcisist because I remembered to bring home milk for our kids, instead of beer for mostly myself.

Patron on line laughs long time.

Aerosmith this summer in Vegas makes me belove them more than Guns and Roses, blown out Axl voice or not. I hollered woohoo’s every other 2 seconds from them slayin with Toys, Sweet Emotion and Rag Doll to get things warmed up a bit.

Michael Kornbluth

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