Arrestable Tweets In London Town

Arrestable tweet in London town. The Queen took out Epstein, Diana also for Kabob Fever.

Iran promises to honor the original Nuke deal in return for 15 billion. John Kerry offered the Shah his wife’s panties from their wedding night, knowing his affinity for 89 year old virgins. Kerry adds, “Everything she owns comes in red.”

Do It All Dad

What do you think of the Danish Warmblood Matilda? What, Euro Trash horses don’t do it for you?


The mermaid statue is in Copenhagen. Unless, her bra shell is missing, there’s nothing trashy about Denmark Daddy.


Fake News Herb Dealer

I knew Adam’s Sandler’s cousin in college.

Do It All Dad

I almost hooked up with one of Sandler’s cousin’s at Ithaca. Her looking like Sandler’s sister failed to launch any sustained stiffage out of me.

Fake News Herb Dealer laughs long time.

Imagined response from Vince Vaughn after getting my books in the mail from me. Sorry your life sucks pal but I can’t help you. Don’t have a panic attack. I’m just busting balls. Of course I could help if I really wanted to.

INT. Home

Do It All Dad

Summer of 2019 is gone.

Fake News Herb Dealer

Not yet man.

Do It All Dad

I can’t throw my daughter around in the pool at the Lakeside Field Club anymore. Summer of 2019 is dead to me. And Katie in the Cape was no sloppy 2nd either.


Fake News Medicinal Herb Man

I normally charge 90 for.

Do It All Dad

I got 85. You’re talking milk money from my children. Got no shame obviously.

Fake News Medicinal Herb Man laughs long time.

Howard Cosell and Ali really did create magic together. You must Youtube the hilarious poem Ali cites to Cosell about hitting Floyd Patterson so high out of the ring, he never comes down. Ali closes with. What do you think of those apples Howard?

I shouldn’t be jealous because I’m a proud New Yorker. And I have nothing but respect for Ashton Kutcher and Kid Rock. Still, it irks me knowing Ashton saw the Sweetness stiff arm in his prime while Kid saw Barry Sanders break hapless ankles in pursuit.


Do It All Dad

Yeah, I’m still wearing white. Summer isn’t over till my kids are back in school on a full time basis.


Eighteen hours and counting.

Do It All Dad laughs long time.

Michael Kornbluth

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