Horsing Around With Hinduism

Inspired dialogue exchange for a pilot about a Talking Palomino horse I’m developing.

Do It All Dad

No more handouts.

Talking Horse

It’s not a handout if you didn’t ask for it. And I’m just giving you a tip on a horse who’s a sure thing in Santa Anita, alright.

Another inspired dialogue exchange for a pilot about a Talking Palomino horse I’m developing.

Do It All Dad

No more fun. My addiction to fun hasn’t been a profitable one yet.

Talking Horse

Just get off Adderall already. Focusing more your on your slimy ego is bad.

Daughter presents her friend ad to her 3rd Grade Teacher but makes the ad for her father instead of herself. Ad reads. New friend needed for my Daddy. Interests include writing, getting laughs, talking about ex-girlfriends and yelling at mommy. Teacher replies. I can recommend a good Equine Therapist to work on his anger control issues.



You always get angry at people if they demonize Trump Dada. We live in horse country, get a job at a horse farm to work on your ego control issues. They call it Equine Therapy. Write a about book about, Horsing Around With Hinduism. It’s money in the bank, daddy. Will buy our own horse farm with enough land for your Larry Bird basketball court Dada. You’ll never have to seek out a new family friendly venue for us to enjoy each other in public again.

INT. Horse Stall

Talking Horse

Write me a lead in All The Sensitive Horses. Will shoot in India. There you can’t get arrested for calling Valerie Jarrett Obama’s live in Arabian horse whisperer. Aren’t you also taking Yoga more seriously now? Well, enough stalling. Based on your all over the pace body language, I can tell your Chakras as a whole are more clogged than your freshman one hitter.

Do It All Dad

Write a hit horse movie for Bollywood, where hate speech police aren’t out to get me. I do need to pick a new race to win. Dice, John Stewart, all changed their Jewy sounding names for greater mass market appeal. But you can’t beat that billion dollar plus Hindu market baby. I’m coming out as a born again Hindu, end of story, oh. Do It All Dad Does Bollywood has a nice ring to it also.

Michael Kornbluth

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