Weapons of Mass Destruction Years

New York City has Muslim Community Patrols now. Was Midtown East renamed Sharia Law East? Bars are everywhere. All the yenta’s wear flip flops to work on Casual Friday. Deli’s won’t stop serving construction workers Bacon Egg and Cheeses, sorry Samir.

Just when my wife wasn’t annoying me. Wife calls. You forgot to pick up Arthur by the bus, fail. You should’ve reminded me about the half day bullshit before you drove off with our only car on my alleged free work morning babe. But you’re perfect.

Funny flashback to my brother’s wedding party. I’m entertaining my kids outside. Younger brother’s wife interrupts and says, “You should be watching your mom’s dance with Jonathan. I reply. “Why, are they all over each already?”

Bill Gates on his dealings with Jeffrey Epstein. I meet lot’s of rich people. You have no life outside of work because I made answering Outlook your permanent reality, no matter where you roam to get away from corporate speediness.

Text exchange with my younger brother. When you see the 30 for 30 on Rodman you’ll see Isiah in a new light. Jordon got him blacklisted from the Dream Team. And he’s got a worst handle on cock control than Hugh Grant. And he made Marbury a deity in China.

Ban ICE, because homeland security was so weapons of mass destruction years.

Why is radical Islam so into deflowering virgins? Doesn’t Radical Islam have enough blood on their hands already? Suicide Bomber Number One enters virgin Heaven allegedly. Virgin Number mumbles through her sexiest beekeeper burka wear in a sarcastic Janeane Garofalo tone. Didn’t Arafat get Aids from banging a poppy addicted Goat? Your people invented the lamb skin condom, how do drop the ball on that? You also realize I don’t have moves like Shakira in the sack because I’m a clueless virgin like Jennifer Jason Leigh in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, right?

Michael Kornbluth

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