Uncomfortable Neverland Deniers

High School Cheerleaders in North Carolina are on probation for posing with a Trump 2020 banner because it made it certain classmates uncomfortable. Just when I thought hanging up an ISIS flag outside my house to scare away trick or treaters was a grand old idea.

Proof the NY Times is faker than you think. They’re posting ads for fact checkers on LinkedIn. The only requirement is to play make believe you’re confirming the truth. They posted a huge ad at UCB for willing participants.

INT. Gas Station

Do It All Dad

2 dollars for the Post now. You better blow me for this.

Bill Burr says it doesn’t look like anybody is going to beat Trump. That’s like saying it doesn’t look like Louie will ever wait to do a set the Cellar, even if he came out in a trench coat and sunglasses and Sarah Silverman’s hoodie to wipe up.

I’m sick of of hearing about Shane Gillis already. He’s a whatever schlub who derides all confessional comedy as fag humor. I’m sure George Carlin would’ve been made Gillis his daughter’s honorary Godfather if he were still alive.

Daughter warming my heart.


But mommy never makes cookies.

Do It All Dad laughs long time.

Blog titles about eco-anxiety.

The Pope Recycles Pedophiles

Russia Collusion Burnout Doesn’t Count

When the Children Quote Salon

The EPA Is A Bloated, Albert Brooks

ANTIFA In Black Isn’t Sweating It

Hot Economy’s Are Good

Blog Titles About Bruce Lee Revisionist History

Brad Pitt Isn’t Kicking Kareem’s Ass

Tarantino Is A Wannabe Slater in True Romance

Bruce Lee Was A Licensed Killer

One Fingered Push Up Master

The Chinese Only Steal Secrets

INT. Yoga Studio-West Village, NYC


Russel, you make our A list model clientele run away.

Russel Simmons

Read my lisp. I didn’t rape any of those vengeful, over the hill ho’s.


It’s not like you’re in Neverland Denial.

Michael Kornbluth

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