Run Greta Run

Imagine a pay per view debate between Trump and Greta?

Fracking reduces our carbon emissions Greta.

Greta replies. Neil Young is full of shit now?

Trump responds.

He doesn’t take showers to reduce his carbon footprint. That’s something you share in common babe

We must teach our children the reality of climate change? Alright, protect your kids sanity by never exposing them to the NY Times, CNN and BuzzFeed. And they won’t act like snowflakes in permanent meltdown mode after Trump wins by a patriot made landslide in 2020.

Greta should protest the banning of Gummy Bears in Sweden because they’re not Halal. I think that’s a scarier development than Denmark allowing refugees to cover up the little Mermaid’s statue in a Burka because it offends their super intolerant conservative tastes.

People are suffering, mass extinction is here. Your Swedish ancestors chose to be the TD Bank for Nazi Germany. The world’s most convenient bank to freeze Jewish bank accounts, hide stolen art work and purchase stolen gold tooth fillings from the money grubbing Jew.

I don’t care about Greta Thunberg being indoctrinated. I care about fake news still trying to take down a duly elected President, trying to crush the will of the people because their hero Obama turned out to be a gun running, power crazed, Iran empowering bust.

Rolling Stone insists anyone who makes fun of Obama’s other biracial half, dream child from Sweden, believes in nothing. If that’s your best take away after all the Russia, Kavanaugh, MAGA country bullshit. Then you’re the real dumb shit deplorable nut job dude.

Greta Thunberg out did Trump at what again? Instilling the UN with more unearned, toxic smugness than the NY Times on election night before Huma Licker Breath got beat despite getting the debate questions in advance because she never sounded rehearsed enough.

What is Greta Thunberg protesting again? Oh, yeah, alleged inaction against climate change. Just because Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement and has no plan to ditch his Gulfstream for a Yak to reduce his carbon footprint only to impress AOC and the Dalai Lama.

The most annoying thing about Greta Thunberg is Hollywood’s embrace of her over the top theatrical, fear mongering . Only to justify their pathetic, pushing of non-stop lies, used to frame Trump supporters as morally deficient for the past 2 and half years.

Greta Thunberg scolds world leaders on their inaction to fight climate change? How about scolding Hollywood eco-warrior hypocrisy ? Every time a movie star settles for doing blow through a cut off, non-recyclable straw, knowing actors never carry their paper on them because they’re used to always getting all their party favors for free.

Rolling Stone compares Greta’s protest to fight climate change with DEFCON 5, panic attack ready intensity to black kids who marched in Alabama to protest segregation. Yeah, being called hack nicknames by Laura Ingraham is just like being torn to pieces by attack dogs.

Where does Rolling Stone get the balls to compare Greta Thunberg’s protest against scientists too school reaction to climate change panic to kids who fought in the Ghetto Warsaw Uprising? Protest your great grandparents inaction against Nazi banking profiteering babe.

Imagine a pay per view debate between Trump and Greta for round 2?

Greenhouse gases are avoided by the use of Nuclear Power Greta.

Greta replies.

Is that your turnaround plan for North Korea Donald?

Trump replies.

Ivanka’s daughter is much smarter than you. Do you freak out in Mandarin also babe? Stay away from Crystal Meth, it made the Nazi’s think they could take over all of Europe. Do you mind recycling my Diet Coke for me? Knowing you’re in such a rush to save Obama’s hot air legacy of being a zero free scandal emitting President. Iran has been on their best behavior lately. Blowing through the 150 billion Obama gifted them in exchange for a promised time out from their nuclear stress tests must have done the trick, after my White House ordered imposed financial sanctions on Iran. Don’t you think, Run Greta Run?

Michael Kornbluth

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