Muslims, Mormons and Eunuchs?

Oprah begging Disney CEO Bob Iger to run against Trump.

Disney ABC has never had to file for bankruptcy. It’s better that people have no idea what you sound like compared to Michael Eisner. Jemele Hill can write your speeches for Grambling State University.

You look more presidential than Trump in a Windsor Knot. Nobody needs to know you went to Ithaca College, otherwise known as Cornell’s retarded next door neighbor. College record sealing is no big deal Bob.

Your perfect hair looks less overly pampered than Trump. You’ll deny Valerie Jarrett constructed the nuke gifting deal to Iran as Obama’s live in Arabian Horse Whisperer.

You allowed Sean Spicer on Dancing With Stars, which shows you’re bi partisan. Dan Le Batard can ask you debate questions instead of Lester Holt. Proving you’re not a free speech, favoring elitist.

Mom texts in response to videos of her 3 grandkids on the piano at FAO Schwartz. Looks like you had a fun day in the city.

In other words, I’m all out of pleasant adjetives to describe my happiness for my unemployed son enjoying my 3 grandchildren without Me Me.

Old Work Bud texts. Sorry, just got these texts. Had friends visiting from Colorado. I left you a voicemail about the NY Post reviewing my book asshole. Not to mention the A plus jokes about Hunter Biden I sent to your LinkedIn mail and you’re a recruiter.

If you want to know whether your friends hate you for supporting Trump. Text them a Hunter Biden joke about him banging his dead brother’s widow. Zero reply means, he still watches CNN religiously like Bill Maher coming down off strong E.

Robert Dinero on CNN looks like he identifies as a fake news tough Betsy Ross, falling apart at the seams.

Dinero melting down on CNN. Impeach Trump Nancy. His supporters won’t watch my movies anymore. Box office projections for the Irishman in Vegas outside of New York don’t feel very lucky.

EXT. Hell’s Kitchen-NYC

Old Work Associate

You had a 3rd.

Do It All Dad

God loves me more than you obviously.

Old Work Associate

I’ve been with my partner for 4 years.

Do It All Dad

You must be hung like a horse because you’re more boring than ever blah breath.

INT. Parking Garage-NYC

Black kid with his parents and sister sports a Sixer’s hoody.

Do It All Dad

Did AI bet a parlay every day for a whole year? Resulting in AI auctioned off one of his cornrows to China?

Georgetown apologized for slavery. Apologize for not forcing AI to retake Mo Money Management 101, from Do Rags To Riches.

Black Dad and Mom laugh long time.

INT. Trump Tower-NYC

Do It All Dad

Is the Trump Tower Gift Shop a safe space for Obama jokes? Or will I be fined by Deblasio 250K for any joke inferring Obama is an Illegal Alien Muslim from Kenya? Who bows to Sheiks and talks dirty to she hulk in perfect Farsi.

Mom texts in response to primo big city pics of her 3 grandchildren and videos of them on the piano at FAO Schwartz.

Looks like you had a fun day in the city Scoops.

I reply to my resistor mother.

Trump Tower was a blast to. Space Force shirts for Hanukkah it is.

INT. Car

Nurse Wife

No husbands drink after their kids are born in the hospital.

Do It All Dad

So I’m the only dad in 3 years who drank high end bourbon at your hospital to celebrate unplanned parenthood? Other Dads there are Muslims, Mormons and Eunuchs?

EXT. Hell’s Kitchen-NYC

Old Work Associate

You had a 3rd.

Do It All Dad

A new automatic fan of me, the misery. But you’re still recruiting? Working as a professional parasite for hire. My kids would’ve hung up on you already. Did I already tell you I wrote 2 books?

Michael Kornbluth

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