Gay About My Abnormality

Eddie Murphy won’t let cancel culture restrict his return to stand-up. Cosby rape jokes should be a safe space for Eddie to mine. Did you know Female Dragon Flies play dead to avoid sexual assault? Bill Cosby victims call this wishful thinking.

Bernie joining the October debate after his health scare.

My stents in my heart were made in Switzerland, so is my pacemaker. Crowd laughs. The Swiss got a firm grasp on making sterling, exacting time pieces any German at BMW would wear.

Hillary Clinton stressing Trump Admin officials to tell the truth is like the NY Times telling Larry David how to craft logical, funny story lines under a semi-believable suspension of disbelief.

Conservatives are like ISIS, Daily Beast? That’s 1st year open mike bad. Does Tina Brown still run the Daily Beast? Is she still pissed Trump shamed her friend Arianna for being dumped by a gay husband far prettier than she’ll ever be?

Trump’s chat with the Head of Ukraine, “undermined national security”? Did Trump offer Putin’s personal email address in exchange for the name and location of Hunter Biden’s crack dealer in downtown Wilmington, Delaware? Email is

Trump assaulted the Constitution? Did he white out We The People and fill in Fox and Friends?

Trump assaulted the Constitution? With what, a machete signed by Michael Douglas from Romancing The Stone?

Trump assaulted the Constitution? Did he deface the Bill of Rights section, using it to wipe up the trail of Russian call girls in his golden shower suite at the Four Season in downtown St. Petersburg?

Trump assaulted the Constitution? Did Trump overnight 150 billion in unmarked bills to Iran on the eve of Ramadan? What do you call this assault on checks and balances, Allah powered intervention? So it’s a wash, no questions asked?

#Trumpmeltdown, as usual resistor, Twitter twats, have it the other way around. He’s a stable genius remember? You’re just no name hacks with no black friends whatsoever. Does Jim Brown support your not my president racist rhetoric bullshit?

The worse part about applying for jobs is being reminded you’re looking for one. We wish you all the best in your job search and thank you again.


The Blue Balls Recruitment Team

INT. Home


Matilda has a dentist appointment tomorrow morning. Enough with the sighing. I schedule all the kids appointments.

Do It All Dad

You want to trade places and be the kid’s permanent schlepper instead, Fabulous Mrs. Maisel?

Perverse also means cranky opposition, especially under forced upon censorship of so called suitable, normal behavior. So in essence, working comedians are paid to be gay about their abnormality for pointed laughs while getting their freak on for a living.

Michael Kornbluth

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