Straight Shooter With Purpose

My new Trump voiced GPS system. Happy Columbus Day! Turn left for Mohegan Sun, Elizabeth Warren’s home away from home.

INT. Kids U

Random Kid

You can’t get me.

Do It All Dad

Who sounds like Bugs Bunny and Hillary Time Cankles had a baby? More ungrateful than Chelsea with concealer on at MSNBC.

Kathy Griffin, I mean Trans Chucky, killed Fashion Police with her half ass, think she could wing the job without writing jokes. Prior, she pushed for Joan Rivers job on Fashion Police as Joan was in a coma from her surgery complications, allegedly. Joan lives.

I don’t know where you come up with this stuff.
Do It All Dad
Similar to Neil Young, imagination is my best friend.
Neil Young just left his wife of 30 years for Daryl Hannah. He’s going through a post-midlife never banged a Mermaid crisis.
INT. Kids U
You should frame the letter you got from Trump.
Do It All Dad
My mother in law just wants Trump framed for being a straight shooter with purpose and for stripping the View of any vestige of saintly sanity left.

INT. Italian Deli

Deli Worker

Do you have a job?

Do It All Dad

Selling my books.

Deli Worker

Do you want to work here on weekends?

Do It All Dad

Sure, if I was 17 and still ate pork, you dumb mook.

69% of college students today support abolishing Columbus Day. Do these students know 420 is Hitler’s Birthday? Now, hits from the bong never felt so wrong. Regardless if the music playing is Bob Marley’s earlier Doo-Wop work on his label Tuff Gong.

What crime is Trump guilty of again? Besides murdering any remaining integrity the Obama administration has once the new and improved IG report comes out. Only reinforcing how Obama was the real dictator empowering, spy game lover really into a Michael lady.

Trump used his office to pressure the Ukraine? Since when is it a crime to ask why a Vice President’s son got 50 grand a month for getting kicked out of the Navy for proposing the ghost of Allen Ginsburg blow him for more late night blow during Fleet Week?

Resistors don’t care about the rule of law. All they care about is getting Trump out of office, so they can return to their smug superior selves because east coast elitism and baby boomer arrogance never dies Jack.

Trump’s some coward, for taking on Hollywood, the media, Big Tech, CIA, FBI, Iran, China, ISIS, the Hillary crime machine, Denture Breath Pelosi, grooming gangs and various pedo power players who make Bryan Singer blush with predatory anticipation.

How is Trump a coward Popovich? If you don’t like an interview question, you sulk like a tenured college professor forced to admit Russian Collusion tales don’t exist. Knowing a hologram of Drago never appeared in voting booths, demanding, “Vote Trump or I’ll break you.”

ABC interviewing Hunter Biden.

Did you ever tell your father that a Vice President swimming nude in his Delaware home with Secret Service around was a bad look? Regardless, if he boasted about being bigger than Boogie Boarder Obama or not?

Are you into sniffing little girl’s hair like daddy? Or is that too pedestrian for a spoiled coke head degenerate like yourself?

Would you feel like less of a scumbag if your brother’s dead wife made a move on you 1st? You’re like the pussy jealous brother from Rudy with an American Express Black Card to match your soul Hunter.

Where have you been Hunter? Hunter replies, “Doing more bumps, hearing last call from the bathroom stall. For my birthday, when my coke dealer said blow, I snorted the cake.”

Michael Kornbluth

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