Impeachment Sells But Whose Buying?

The senate vote to censure Adam Schiff is gayer than Peter Thiel putting Gawker out of business for outing his fetish for conducting blood transfusion transfers with younger, hotter studs to mount at will, with ample seed money to spill all over their hairless chests.

Pence talking shit about Obama’s trade record in PA. Obama presided over the outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs. Not even Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen cared enough about your lost jobs to mine more songwriting gold out of them gone sailing, fake news humanists.

The majority of New Yorkers say Trump should be impeached, NY Post? Then, why haven’t I read a convincing letter yet from Tom in Manhattan? “Uh, Trump should be impeached because Hunter has demons to snort out.”

AG Barr has expanded his probe into Russia because “something significant” has been found. Unless, his team found the DNC server in John Podesta’s woman’s shoes closet, I’m not interested.

Tom Brady says his cameo at a massage parlor on Netflix wasn’t a dig at Bob Kraft. Despite the dig about Bob Kraft not being complicit in underage sex trafficking for requesting older happy enders, knowing they weren’t yanked off the boat yesterday.

Megyn Kelly is working on a TV comeback. In related news, Alex Jones is trying to sell a doc to Netflix about the Dark Web while resisting the urge to wear a black dark hoodie during his pitch meeting from ANTIFAareus.

Motorhead got snubbed by the Rock Hall of Fame again. Who cares? Ace of Spades is awesome, but Motorhead never shredded or howled out more singable hits than Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Anthrax or even Megadeth for that matter. Jim Norton will get over it.



The kids always cry when you roughhouse with them.

Do It All Dad

The kids always cry when you’re forced to play mommy and you bore the kids to death because you lack my rough housy, playful touch.

Former White House Press Secratarty for a day, Minnie the Moocher is the worst. Feasting off fairy dust impeachment bullshit on CNN for pennies on the dollar. I still want to kill myself knowing Minnie the Moocher is a billionaire hedge fund asshole also.

Charlize Theron was scared to play Megyn Kelly at 1st. Did she think blood really dripped from her eyes? Or was playing black face on the Today Show for a South African hard to pull off due to her indifference about old school Al Jolsen records?

My impersonation of Cher pushing for Nancy Pelosi to take over the White House. So she breaks some fine China, when the shakes strike without warning against the white pepper shakers again.

Michael Kornbluth

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