The Great American Jew Novel

 Chapter 1   Manhattan Is Yesterday’s News

Chapter 2    The Last Temptation Of Adderall

Chapter 3    Shoot For Shit

Chapter 4    Funnier Dad, Happier Baby

Chapter 5    My Foxy Brown Sugar Editor

Chapter 6   Jeremiah, The Kosher Butcher  

Chapter 7    Jewish Steel

Chapter 8   Miss Kitty and Internet Porn

Chapter 9    The Yenta Breath Advice Columnist

Chapter 10   Second City Envy

Chapter 11 Refusing To Go Out Like That

Chapter 12 The Desperate Deplorable

Chapter 13 The Spoiled, Sheltered Bum

Chapter 14 Fake Feminists Unite

Chapter 15 1.5 Million Jews Live in NYC

Chapter 16 Too Tall Jew

Chapter 17 5 Million Jews in Israel

Chapter 18 Practicing Judaism

Chapter 19 Force Feeding Communion Isn’t Kosher

Chapter 20 Playing Favorites Again

Chapter 21 Tears of An Ex-Recruiter Clown

Chapter 22 Fear Not Getting The Last Laugh

Chapter 23 God Gives Kids To The Lonely

Chapter 24 The Friendship Litmus Test

Chapter 25 Unplanned Fatherhood

Chapter 26 Do It All Dad Pride

Chapter 27 Born To Kill

Chapter 28 Killerset

Chapter 29 You’re Boring Dada  

Chapter 30 Sustained Stiffage

Chapter 31 Ignoring Mom’s Advice Is Good

Chapter 32 My Son The Artist

Chapter 33 You Weren’t Good Enough

Chapter 34 The Only Good Thing

Chapter 35 Wrap It Up

Chapter 36 Giving Less Shits

Chapter 37 You Have No Friends

Chapter 38 Favorite Drug Is Work

Chapter 39 Gift From God

Chapter 40 Do It All Dad Does Kansas City

Chapter 41 Joy Is Not Bombing At Parenting

Chapter 42 Pontificus The Putz Speech

Chapter 43 Hate Speech Police

Chapter 44 Taking The Realtor Test Untimed

Chapter 45 Hear a Toy Train Coming For My Head

Chapter 46 Gimel Be Good

Chapter 47 The Great American Jew Novel

Chapter 48 Recruiting A Jewish Godmother

Chapter 49 The Great Kosher Cheese Steak Truck

Chapter 50 Hip Hops

Chapter 51 Thanks For Your Kind Words

Chapter 52 Loud Man’s Disease

Chapter 53 Low Class Long Island Hacks

Chapter 54 White Hipster Supremacists

Chapter 55 Mountain Of Muff

Chapters 56 Fucking New Yorkers

Chapter 57 Feminism Killed Pick Up Ball

Chapter 58 Limitations Of Love

Chapter 59 They’re Not God

Chapter 60 Gay About My Abnormality

Chapter 61 Dreamboat Nanny Wish List

Chapter 62 Missed More Than Mommy

Chapter 63 Filling Out My Own Father’s Day Card

Chapter 64 My Happy Jewish After Life

Chapter 65 Get Out Of My Life

Chapter 66 Unplanned Fan Favorites

Chapter 67 Sugarcoating Stupid

Chapter 68 Less Than Zero Money

Chapter 69 Sensitive By Nature

Chapter 70 My Husband, Not Interested Babe

Chapter 71 Sperm Implanter or Sperm Terminator?

Chapter 72 My Son The Garbage Man

Chapter 73 But Walt Whitman Self-Published?

Chapter 74 Was Balzac Unemployed To?

Chapter 75 Dreams To Reconsider

Chapter 76 So Called Separation Anxiety

Chapter 77 Slacker or Wimp?

Chapter 78 Waste Of Height

Chapter 79 Rise From Slug To Stud

Chapter 80 Made For These Times

Chapter 81 The Do It All Dad Year Hero

Chapter 82 Mother’s Beach Or Bust 


Michael Kornbluth






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