The Virtual Sedar From Hell

Memo to

Any reader who got their panties in a bunch over the less than 2 seconds, non-steamy female on female kiss among the 2 reunited school librarian looking rebels on planet Endor in The Rise of Skywalker is a joyless douche incarnate.

Trump’s the Anti-Christ? But in the Bible part 2, Jesus returns to defeat him. So have some faith in the Jesus comeback story, won’t you people.

Anyone read any thought leadership posts on LinkedIn today about the low probability of Jews killing Jesus, knowing most avoid tool boxes full of hammers and nails like Trump Rallies on Fox News?

But seriously, have any thought leaders on LinkedIn today gposted any theories on the low probability of the Jews killing Jesus because Roman rulers catered less to heckling mobs than Chinese hate speech ambassadors for the NBA?

Anyone watch the virtual Passover Sedar hosted by Jason Alexander? Did he play the Jewish slave afflicted from being typecast as the bumbling putz on Seinfeld until he became liberated as the chosen celeb has-been resistor for hire?

It’s hard to feel sweet, fluffy and heavenly on Easter Sunday, after learning how your mother-in-law, force fed your son Eucharist in attempt to win heaven granting props because he was never baptized.

My wife insists if my 3 year old son doesn’t start brushing his teeth now, he’ll grow to get dentures. Can’t he just get his teeth airbrushed like Courtney Love, did before she became a junkie in the Case Against Larry Flynt? I don’t get it.

You have to question Prince Harry’s parenting instincts for naming his son Archie. Was Jughead not Transfluid enough? Also, raising your son in Bel Air as the new Fresh Prince is too much on the nose as they say in the biz.
A positive from the #coronavirus is the comic relief offered on LinkedIn from anyone who works in advertising, insisting they’re still working and hiring so called talent to prop up Collin Kaepernick’s net worth or NBA social justice activism.

My younger brother really is brain dead. He says, “Why would you give your daughter an HPV vaccination shot?” I say, “Because it makes her immune from dying of cervical cancer, if left untreated, which they don’t teach in Hebrew School, reformed or not.”

Michael Kornbluth

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