Curb Your Enthusiasm Joe

Larry David tells the NY Times, Trump doesn’t have 1 redeeming quality. Adding, at least Stalin had 1. Like what Larry? Bernie Sander’s porno rag wing in Queens college?

Obama only endorsed Biden after every other Trump resistor did because he’s used to leading from behind. Too bad team Trump is no JV squad. Care to comment on Joe’s dementia big O? Admit Michelle getting her flap on Ellen was no cover up. Joan lives.

Obama is endorsing Biden. It’s like Magic Johnson endorsing Larry the Legend as the next best thing. Too bad Obama blew his fairy dust load on making the Jussie Smollett race baiting hoax go poof.

#ThanksObama for endorsing Biden. Your eye for men of integrity has no equal. Explaining why you let your daughter intern for Miramax, thinking, “Michelle was her chaperone and that fat Jew couldn’t pin her down if he tried.”

Joe gets stuff done.

Joe is the right person to guide us through these dark times.

How much hashish is Ben Rhodes smoking?

Based the looks of Obama in his campaign video endorsement, you’d think he burnt through all of Martha’s Vineyard.

Biden says, he wouldn’t want anyone else by his side than Big O. Really, not Michelle on the red carpet for the Netflix doc in her honor, What’s Talent Got To Do With It? Even if she promised to poke him from behind if he stroked her leg hair again.

Joe is a leader whose wise and knowledge Big O? But not wise enough to tell Hunter to cut out knocking up strippers, smoking crack and banging his dead brothers widow on a slow day. Making my brother look like a real slacker in comparison.

Imagine Joe and Jill Biden snuggle up next to their roaring fire tonight after getting Obama’s belabored endorsement for President. Joe says, “Big O better recognize the new Sheriff in town. Always told you I was bigger than Boogie Boarder babe.”

Why do Christians have to wish everyone a happy Easter? Isn’t Easter supposed to celebrate your confirmed entry into Heaven eventually? All you have to do is ask Jesus to forgive you for being a selfish, degenerate scumbag, isn’t this enough to make you happy?

It sucks, not being able to attend Church for Easter. But stop acting like you were denied the opportunity to devour pulled pork sandwiches after Lent or give the impression your priest is any more riveting than holed up, celeb meltdowns on Instagram.

Michael Kornbluth

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