Batshit Nancy

My mom insists she’ll be coming back to NY to see her 3 grandchildren back east in June. Hold on Mom, are you telling me Dad is annoying you at home that much? To just throw caution to the wind and say, “Fuck it, Trump’s going to win anyway.”

Trump took insufficient action denture breath Pelosi? When he issued a travel ban on China, you were too busy stocking up on Chunky Monkey, you China slobbering whore. James Corden has more self-respect in the mirror than you bat shit crazy bitch.
Where were these genius Scientists calling fake news bullshit on China for claiming the #cornoravirusus wasn’t contagious through human transmission? Let me guess, sucking off the fart fumes of Obama’s legacy of sucking off atheist hero Stephen Hawking.
What #cornoravirus warnings did Trump ignore again? Wasn’t it Bird Brain DelBlasio while fumling with his chopsticks in Chinatown who told New Yorkers to get a grip? Even a showy putz like Ed Koch could hold on to chopsticks for the cameras.
Learned from my wife about Bill and Hillary dropping off Pizzas at her hospital during the #CornavirusOutbreak. No sushi, Hammer Time Cankles? With your pay to play charity foundation kaput, it’s hard to play the elitist Robin Hood of Westchester County, huh?
Everything with the Democrats today is life and death. Under Obama’s so called leadership, ISIS ran wild and he nuke gifted Iran 150 billion on his way out the door. But Biden being chummy with #coronachina should put American’s security concerns at ease.

Siding with China is siding with the Nazi’s, Bloomberg, CNN and every piece of shit US senator who blames the 10,000 deaths of my fellow New Yorkers so far on Trump’s racist travel bans, shipped hospital beds and pushed for financial relief checks, you feckless cunts.
Blaming Trump for the #CoronavirusOutbreak is like blaming Warren Beatty for giving Aids to the Monkeys.

Fuck anyone whose collecting a paycheck from home, reduced or not. Getting to spend quality, bonding time with their kids, who still bitch about “civic duty” to their so called friends, who must hustle outside the home to pay their rent, you ungrateful cunt breaths.

Michael Kornbluth

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