Non Essential Late Night Bombers

Seth Meyers doesn’t want CNN to broadcast Trump’s #coronavirus briefings. What would Seth Myers prefer? Nancy Denture Breath Pelosi playing with her teeth, fidgeting like a boozehound deplorable whacked out on diet pills like it’s the State of the Union again?

Trump’s #coronavirus briefings are the mere projections of a rambling psychopath? What does Steve Colbert’s ardent defense of John Podesta’s pedo installation art, perverse enough to make Marilyn Manson blush have to do with it?

How are Trump’s #coronavirus briefings propaganda sessions? All he’s doing is pointing out how much the media sucks for giving China more leeway than Biden’s 4 decade streak of little girl fondling and hair sniffing for chocolate little bunnies.

Is Obama going to be giving his virtual college commencement speech to the college class of 2020? Would this make Michelle proud of her technology literate husband? Whose powers of engagement on Facebook are inferior to Diamond and Silk these days.

Trump is using his #coronavirus briefings to only attack his critics. Wrong, that’s just the media’s big takeaway because for 3 years their precious, constantly impaled, zero respected egos feel less essential for the common good than ever before.
You’re better off not watching Trump’s #coronavirus briefings. Then, stop obsessing about the big, blond wolf blowing your precious moral high ground to shreds, to justify your pathetic, parasitical, click bait, commie red sucking off existence.

Trump’s #cornoravirusus briefings are only used to attack his critics. Unless, you’re going to die alone in a hospital bed or have to wait for a proper burial for your Uncle Saul until morgues have enough room again, shut the fuck up, you useless, bickering cunts.

So if I don’t think Trump is an off the rails, bullying pyschopath, then I’m not into my mother as much as Seth Meyers.

Our state of the union more than ever before is like Stephen Colbert’s handle on funny these days, shaky.

It’s too bad Bill O’Reilly is no longer important enough to impersonate.

At least Bill O’Reilly gave Colbert gravitas.

Michael Kornbluth

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