The Coronavirus Birthday Special

Enough with Trump’s name on the checks. His name has been all over fucking New York City forever, pre-smart phones, 9/11 and Magic making HIV disappear. Stop acting like this a radical new departure from the past already.

Biden can’t remember the name of the #coronavirus or recall the year 9/11 happened. But Obama endorsed him because he was stoned watching Weekend at Bernies with Colin Kaepernick thinking, the CIA is pulling his strings anyway. We got this no matter what.

Everything is made in China, ventilators, the #coronavirus, Hunter Biden’s cocaine slush fund. But Trump should be impeached for questioning the source of those sketchy ties. Hunter thought he was getting paid to sell a new borscht sports energy drink.


Trump should put his name on all the body bags Leslie Jones? Yeah, 1st, you’re so not Wanda Sykes, so strop straining. 2nd, Obama let Chinese made fentanyl kill more crackers than Taylor Swift kicking it with Lena Dunham on Instagram. You better recognize.


Any hack celeb or politician who blames dead fathers, brothers, sisters and daughters on the big bad blond wolf versus blaming the Chinese who mislead the world about the #cornoravirus are batshit crazy pieces of shit. Their careers belong in body bags.


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