The Larry King Replacement Bust

NFL Owners believe there will be football with or without fans. So business as usual then.

What’s the difference between Taylor Swift, J-Lo and Beyonce? Kayne West wouldn’t fuck any of them with Michelle Obama’s dick.

What was Piers Morgan bitching about on CNN today? Let me guess,Trump stopped following him on Twitter because he called Piers a Prince Harry licker? Or was it because Trump is closer to the Queen than the failed Larry King replacement bust will ever be?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher launched a #Quarantine Wine. I thought she was the spokesperson for Jim Beam because Kid Rock already owns a Gulfstream. Whatever it takes for Ashton to get up for banging a teenage looking boy compared to Demi again.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher really did just launch their own #Quarantine wine. It won’t take the edge of watching the Tiger King’s boy toy blow his brains out but it will get you in the mood for streaming some more Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and talking real fast in no time.

Marriage tip, never accuse your wife who claims to abandon her dream of becoming a professional photographer to be a nurse, that her pictures with her high resolution smart phone are murky. Blame your overpriced Google phone, I bought for your birthday babe.

Trump will lose in a landslide because Americans will be voting for their lives Rob Reiner ? You let your son become a homeless crack head. Didn’t Al Franken joke about your father’s friends raping you? Isn’t Biden the Chinese controlled puppet has been breath?

Obama ruined everything.

Nikki Six identifies as a snow flake now.

Weird, weak Howard claims he was only a shock jock asshole for the ratings.

Michael Jordan sweats social media’s reaction to him punching #stevekerr despite him not being woke yet.

MJ being a ruthless killer winner, who led by example, shouldn’t be a news flash a gazillion years later. He had to go through the Bad Boys and dominate Ewing, Magic, Bird, and Hakeem to become the GOAT, not pass off to Ray Allen and team with D Wade.

Who cares if MJ punched #stevekerr? He also choked Reggie Miller and had Charles Oakley to protect him no matter what or had Sir Charles on window pushing through detail at the bar, if he lost large on darts and refused to pay up.

My mom sends me a b-day card that says, “It doesn’t lecture, advise or disapprove.” Can I send a fake news bullshit thank you note in return? Or should I be happy my mom showed smug, self-awareness for a day before she resumes hating me supporting Trump again.

Michael Kornbluth

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