Sucking Off Scientists


Let the scientists lead. Make some CIA approved designer acid and drop it the water coolers at CNN and will really see Brain Stelter cry for forgiveness for absolving China of all evil doing in front of his maker.

Trump ignored the scientists. Which scientist, exactly, Jeff Fucking Goldblum in the a remake of the Fly, where Steve O tempts him to eat bat soup in one of his cloning experiments with Count fucking Dracula cereal made in China?

I’m so tired of the left propping up Scientists like Gods as they frame still your President Trump as the bible humping hick from Appalachia, who refuses to acknowledge logic or reason. Scientists aren’t kicking MS-13 out of your neighborhood either.

Let the scientists lead, yeah to follow the pay off money trail back to Great Wall to remain hush, hush about the super organized, never sketchy, always honest, intellectual property theft is their middle name Chinese.

Enough with Trump ignored the scientists. It’s not Quantum Physics, China spreads virus, locks it’s citizens at home with crow bars yet intentionally downplays the severity of it’s biochemical warfare, insisting, “It ain’t nothing but a duck wing on string.

Scientists should lead, not Trump. Why not let non-elected Political Scientists who have Ann Coulter sign their bibles to get them in the mood to debate chaos theory in relation to open borders and her PMS flaring next time Israel is mentioned during Trump’s SOTU.

Blaming China does no good. It only hurts the hand that feeds us says CNN, Apple, Facebook, the NBA, Microsoft, Hunter Biden’s cocaine slush fund provider.

Let the Scientists lead. What are the Scientists going to do? Besides, not locate a big dipper between President’s Zi’s zipper made in China.

This constant scientist suck off feast has to stop. Wife pitches me a scientifically proven, guided meditation to unclog my Chakras she heard on NPR. I say, “Does Bill Gates do it? Because siding with China isn’t achieving higher consciousness babe.”

Michael Kornbluth

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