Goop Is Right Wing Fake News To?

If your wife knows you’re a Trump supporter, she’ll disagree with you on everything, even the need for a new kid’s mattress. An Avocado Green Mattress could make baby Samuel sleep in his bed all night for a change babe. No it won’t. So Goop is right wing fake news now to?

I’m in favor of giving our baby girls HPV vaccine shots out of the womb but against my wife pushing melatonin gummies on my kids. But it’s organic. AtWrong, it’s Ambien for kids minus the walking in their sleep because they’re out for the count already.

Pushing Melatonin on your kids is absentee parenting. That’s right I said it, scary mommy, swelling in sweats. It’s not my fault you become less interesting and engaging on wine than me. Plus, don’t act like your man insisted you get pregnant and fat either.

My blog post Sucking Off Scientists Again, totally triggered some Canadian blah brain. Her idea of insult comedy is calling anyone whose doesn’t worship scientists as Alex Jones fan boys. Alex Jones is an American original, unlike you reeling Obama groupie.

I love how Canadians who work in big tech, think insulting our American education system means anything, especially if you didn’t even attend McGill, which was a fucking safety school for pot head Deadheads in my high school to appear eclectic.

I love the idea of letting go of expectations and ridding myself of all criticism, but then I’m just a boring, neutered husband puppy, who got shamed into using aggressive truth language like the rest. And I’m not going out like that.

Never criticize your wife. But what if she always criticizes you and calls you a spoiled loser in front of your kids, insisting your books are nothing to write home about? Should you praise her commentary as getting owned or burned good in front of your kids?

John Leguizamo is trending. Is Carlito’s Way’s available on HBO Go now? Or does he make a cameo in the Netflix doc on Hillary as Super Mario to hammer all her blackberry’s under subpoena?

Biden would pick Michelle Obama a running mate in a heartbeat, not Oprah, Wanda Sykes, Angela Basset, Whoopie, Monique, Kerry Washington, Naomi Campbell, Vivica Fox perhaps? At least she was married to a likeable, relatable fictional hero in Independence Day.

Anyone who wishes harm to protesters pushing for city economies to open again, should require major social distancing once Trump wins in a major landslide in 202O. It’s not my fault you decided to back a Chinese puppet little girl hair sniffer.

Michael Kornbluth

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