In Breitbart We Trust

Regardless of your political leanings, Appetite for Destruction on vinyl is still masterful, pitch perfect, kick ass rock and roll of the most high. It’s impossible to resist this. Met Slash in the valley, cool dude, got a laugh out of him, calling us biracial Hebrews.

The Onion is so prophetic. It was founded by a bunch of hicks from Wisconsin, how laugh out loud funny can it be? Does CNN just shove a mike in front of anyone with good hair who doesn’t look too Tommy Lee alt-rightish? Now that’s funny, unfunny commentators.

The fucking Onion, wasn’t it always free, at least when it was semi-smiling inducing funny every other 10 headlines? Ooh, fake news headline stories, rooted in some semblance of real life, while exuding a detached, boring as shit reporter voice every time, yay.

The insistence on branding Breitbart alt-right to negate truth based narratives minus the monopolized media manipulation of everything Trump does or says, for their own self-serving smearing agenda is pathetic, cowardly and another reason why he’s winning again by a landslide in 2020 bitches.

Breitbart insists Trump wasn’t recommending you mainline Lysol. They must be fake news protectionists, whose founder was murdered for calling Obama a fake news Hawaiian. NY Times, Salon, Vice, none of you are truthful, or perceptive for insisting otherwise.

Nancy Denture Breath Pelosi in her pink shawl mask looks like she forget what Breast Cancer Awareness Day was because it doesn’t match with her orange crush pantsuit whatsoever, you deplorable, Chinese protecting, day drunk bitch.

Hey dumb fuck resistor twats, who couldn’t recruit enough folks to attend a stand-up bringer show because you’re so boring and unfunny online and off. Your rallying #CoronavirusOutbreak cry is fake news sincere and the real definition of deplorable, morons.

Entitled, reckless disregard for the safety of others, aggressive, impulsive, no respect for lawful behaviors, yeah, so resistor Twitter twats what does ANTIFA and the Russian collusion pushing media have to do with it?

Hashtags isn’t getting the little girl sniffer into the White House, sorry resistor Twitter twats. Plus, stop acting like you care about people dying from the #COVID. All you care about is your own inflated, warped sense of good versus evil.

Jill Biden endorsing Michelle Obama as our next Vice President. Michelle would make a wonderful Vice President. Her army of servants would be put on leg hair brush detail for Joe, which is one last thing I have to worry about.

Me giving fun attitude to my Dentists assistant over the phone. She says, “Will have to cancel our appointment next week for obvious reasons.” I say, “Tell doc he should have plenty of time to finish reading my 2 books and review them on Amazon already.”

Michael Kornbluth

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