This One Is For Sergeant Slaughter

Video fatigue, really LinkedIn? How about media manipulation fatigue to get the big, bad, blond wolf out of the White House, broadcasting the most outrageous, blatant distorted lies, proven wrong, such as Russian collusion, the bullshit, debunked, Ukraine charge, calling white supremacists very fine people, insisting Trump relegated the Coronavirus to a mere hoax, all in the pursuit of exploiting, perverting and capitalizing on baby boomer arrogance, self-serving, feel good, social media activism and Chinese lab generated worldwide death for either pure financial advancement or the fantasized feeling of being morally superior, smarter or more talented than anyone who believes in God and in Obama being the slimiest, post-presidential snake of all time. Who should’ve slithered away into his community organizer buying Martha’s Vineyard estate with his ISIS JV trading card collection, sealed college records, signed books from fake news community organizer Al Sharpton, FISA approved, non-incriminating transcribed phone calls from Trump Tower in Farsi, the most beautiful sound in the universe, while bent over on his prayer rug given as a house warming gift by Farrakhan, for keeping their picture together under wraps with the other members of the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the entire tenure of his race war inciting, deficit doubling, cop demoralizing, Jihadist empowering presidency bust of the most deplorable, divisive order.

Daughter asks me, “What’s censorship?” I say, “Google, who also owns YouTube pushing their own self-serving narratives about the Coronavirus being caused by a cute, pet porcupine sold at the wet market in Wuhan because it spewed a giant load on Tom Hank’s wife Rita Wilson when they were in town for a film promo shoot, because he got nervous around such a d list star of her caliber whose far easier on the eyes than Kathy Griffin.”

It’s not normal to spend all this time at home, and to sing happy birthday through Zoom. You’ve been under so called house arrest for a month with your kids. Get back to me when you’ve been denied work as a shadowbanned comedian while looking after 3 kids for 3 years in a row, with no grandparents in sight, who can’t get a paid book review if his life depended on it, because making of fun of the fake news hopeful one is branded as hate speech, asshole. Also, it’s always the do it all dad who assumes the lead for the birthday song or else it dies faster than any traces of the Coronavirus in Tom Hanks, after he gave a stump speech for hair sniffing, Strawberry Shortcake dreaming Joe.

Hope, not hate England? Was that your mantra when you saw Prince Harry dress up like a Nazi for Halloween one year? Thinking, “It was just a thoughtless stab at humor, because it’s not like he colored his hair blond to look like mommy because fire bushes had less place in Hitler’s master race than gays, Jews and freckled faced sales reps for Killian’s Red, stripped of all royal titles like Killian’s Irish Red, Evangelist Ambassador on Instagram.”

Did you hear on Bloomberg? Wuhan is returning to life and so are its wet warkets. They have a petting zoo now. The Tiger King will be managing it through Zoom.

I bet they’re baby boomer, not my President resistors in Florida who still order take out Chinese to prove they don’t endorse tainted, baseless duck sauce conspiracy theories designed to take them out next, because without their virtual grandparenting done on Facebook with all their disposable income, Good Will Hoodie would have no ad market left to serve.

CNN isn’t China’s bitch? You should read how they write about the wet markets in Wuhan. You’d think it was a gushing review from an elite reviewer on Yelp about the farmers market at the Groove in West Hollywood. Where else can get you chicken and pork at such affordable prices? Chinese Costco wouldn’t work because the last thing their countrymen want to see is another mass-produced flat screen on the fucking assembly line Jack. Oh yeah, Porcupines are sold for medicine in China. What does the poison from the needles cure? Athletes foot or is it the secret ingredient in Tiger Bomb. I don’t get it.

I got suspended from Twitter for causing “social unrest.” All I did was post a video of me barebacking a Shetland pony in North Salem, NY , where Bill Gates bought his daughter a safe space farm estate, even after it got a nasty hickey from an infected Chines Spy Bat to take to any outspoken Trumpian truthers at large. I even let the horse shoot a huge load in my face with no mask on to prove with my Bill Gates issued Coronavirus vaccine, I’m more likely to die from being a Wuhan lab researcher truther on Tucker Carlson.

Michael Kornbluth

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